Foundation Training is a program of exercises that teaches how to relieve back pain, improve poor posture, and create better movement patterns to avoid inuries and improve athletic performance.

Foundation Training Benefits

  • Relieve back pain by stengthening the muscles of the lower back.

  • Decompress your spine and stabilize your pelvis. 

  • Learn how to move better by connecting muscle chains.

  • Reduce injury risk.

  • Improved flexibility, strength, balance and overall health.

  • Foundation Training is a natural alternative to low back pain treatment and sciatica pain relief. 

  • Reverse the detrimental effects of our modern lifestyle (too much sitting, driving, computer and cell-phone use). 


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Foundation Training Reviews

"My lower back pain has dramatically diminished and my posture is better than it’s ever been. Bruno is the real deal. He is knowledgeable about how the body works and has an intuitive sense of how to work best with people."

- Bob Dickman


"Foundation Training is even better than I had hoped, both in terms of structure and content. Bruno Treves is a great teacher who takes time to share his understanding of body mechanics so that I can apply it to my training."

- Bryan Yaconelli 


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Bruno Treves is a certified Foundation Training instructor, offering personal training in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and online. 


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Private online classes and group online classes are available for Foundation Training.  Online classes are live, interactive and in real-time. 


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Foundation Training exercises have been proven effective for people of different ages, health and fitness levels; ranging from professional athletes to individuals with injuries, physical trauma, chronic back pain and sciatica pain.


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