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The Benefits From Reiki Treatment Can Include:


Stress reduction and increase relaxation

Reduced depression and anxiety, improved mood

Reduced pain and increased mobility

Healing of infections and inflammations

Reduction of symptoms associated with cancer

Enhanced  clarity 

Reduction of energetic blocks

Increased energy

Improved focus

​Accelerated capacity for self-healing

Increased inner peace and harmony

Improved sleep 

Improved digestion

​Experience of spiritual healing and spiritual growth

Balanced thoughts and emotions

Improved relationships with ourselves and others

Increased ability to cope with stress

Enhanced learning and memory

Healing of mental and emotional wounds

Reduced migrane, arthritis, sciatica and other medical conditions

Improvement with asthma, chronic fatigue, menopausal symptoms and insomnia

Enhanced recovery from surgry or injuries 

Reduction of side effects of medications and medical treatments

Improvement of mental illness

Reduced blood pressure

Ilness and injury prevention


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