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Bruno Treves is an artist, writer and poet. In his spare time he enjoys writing short poems about love, life, death and his relationship with the universe.

His poetry combines simple words with a flexible style that focuses on expressing his truth, passion and wisdom. He considers his poems to be romantic and inspirational and his style similar to that of famous poets such as Rumi, Hafiz and Lao Tzu.

I am not wrong if I feel strong,

for I am made of star dust.

I am not naïve if I believe,

I am just and I must trust...

Honesty finds me yelling.

Words I dare not speak.

Lost in this intimacy,

I see and I repeat...

I may not live to see my verses
translated to a thousand tongues,
or larger than human statues
with my name engraved in stone...

Why don’t you want me to see you?
What are you afraid to say?
Who said to keep yourself quiet?
When you really want to yell...

Alone and happy
This moment is glory 
Sharing my story
The wind takes it away...

More than drugs or any surgeons

More than prayers and techniques

More than medicine and doctors

You just need to believe...

Many have come before you

And many will come behind,

Many are lost and suffer

So it is better to be kind...

I release useless fears,

I release useless grief,

I release useless anger,

To become a single piece...

I’ve seen you in white

I’ve seen your colors

Love for God

And earthly odors...

You are wide and space-less

You are big and small

Arised from nothing

Creator of all...

I am, I am

I am, I am

I am, I am

I am, Are You?

What do we need for poetry?
But openness to write.
No rules or perfect placement

Any moment, any site...

I love you and you love me,

But I can’t love you until you open.

You won't open until you are safe,

And you won't be safe until you are loved...

I will not be taken off my center,

I will not bend to other’s winds.
I am my Self, I am Present,

I am what meant to Be...

Please grant me gratitude 
I want to fill the joy
don't let it be an effort
to dwell within the void...

Let each person have their faith

and make sure to keep your own.

Let them sing to all their Gods

respect yours before they are gone...

I have seen much and done lots, 

I look back, connect the dots,

I've seen I grow, I've seen it die,

I've seen the truth and seen the lie...

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