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Bruno Treves Boulder Colorado

Who is Bruno Treves?

Foundation Training and Massage Therapy in Boulder Colorado

Certified holistic health practitioner, registered yoga teacher, foundation training instructor,
personal trainer, and licensed massage therapist in Boulder Colorado.


Helping people get out of pain, feel better and improve their life, with an approach that focuses on alternative medicine and natural healing methods. Specializing in pain relief and stress management, emphasizing the importance of good posture and proper movement patterns. 

Currently teaching private and group classes, workshops and online classes.

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Bruno Treves helps people get out of pain, feel better and improve their life. He offers group and private Foundation Training in Boulder, Denver, and Golden Colorado. He also offers private Foundation Training online sessions via Zoom, and private yoga classes.


He specializes in back pain relief, injury prevention, and rehabilitation, with emphasis in good posture and healthy movements. His approach focuses on alternative medicine and natural healing methods.

Bruno has been practicing as certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Foundation Training instructor, registered yoga teacher, and licensed massage therapist in Boulder Colorado for more than 10 years.  

It was his own back pain that lead Bruno to study yoga, Foundation Training,  conscious movement, breath-work, meditation, and massage. He takes an individualized approach to every session, and his intention is to improve everyone's well-being by improving himself and helping others.

Health and wellness practices, combined with a passionate interest in science, philosophy, and spirituality,
lead Bruno into a journey of self-healing, self-discovery and conscious evolution.


Bruno's greatest joy is found in teaching the practices, exercises and techniques 
that have contributed to his improvements in health and well-being.


His mission is to share these practices with others,
for everyone to benefit from them, and help create a better world for the benefit of all.

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