Private and group online classes are available for Foundation Training and Yoga.

An excellent option for you to learn and practice wherever you are. 


Practice from home or wherever you are regardless of your time-zone.

Avoid traffic and save on traveling time and expenses. 

Enjoy a session designed to fit your specific needs, conditions, concerns, and goals.

Experience a live, interactive, in real-time class with an excellent teacher.
Record your sessions, so you can review and practice with them during the week.

You Just Need

A webcam and internet connection, a quiet space as big as a yoga mat, and 3 feet in front of you to set your device.
Classes held via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

Scheduling can be accommodated across all time-zones, so that you can practice wherever you are, anytime.

Perfect for Beginners

These sessions are especially helpful for those who are new to the program. 
Learn the basics and understand the key principles you need to practice Foundation Training efficiently.

Most people find a few online sessions is all they need to learn to  feel comfortable following the program on their own. 

Great for Advanced Students

Those who already have experience with Foundation Training have found that a session or two can give them plenty of tools to take their training to the next level and continue to reduce pain, improve their performance and take their practice to the next level. 

40-Minute Session = $50

Package of 4    =  $180 (Save 10%)

Package of 8    =  $320 (Save 20%)

Package of 12  =  $420 (Save 30%)

About the Instructor: 
Bruno Treves

Bruno Treves has more than five years of experience studying, practicing and teaching Foundation Training.

He has attended dozens of certifications and taught hundreds of classes around the globe. 

He is considered one of the best and most experienced Foundation Training instructors in the world. 


Bruno offers group and private sessions in the Boulder, Denver and nearby cities.

He also offers group and private sessions online via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. 

Online sessions are live, interactive and in real-time, providing a flexible option to those who live far away.


Bruno is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and Massage Therapist.

He has completed more than 2,000 hours of education on holistic health and has 5+ years of experience helping clients feel better.


Learn more about Bruno Treves here.

Testimonials about Bruno Treves

Request a Free Consultation

Receive a free 10-minute consultation. 

This can be on the phone or online. 

If you prefer to meet online, you can reserve a 50-minute session. 

If after the first 10 minutes, you decide this isn't what you are looking for, you can cancel the rest of the session without any charge. 

If you are satisfied with the service, you can finish the rest of the session and pay the regular price of $50,

or purchase a package of sessions at a discount. 


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