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Personal Trainer & Foundation Training Instructor 

Katherine Shoulders has been loving her life as a Health Fitness Professional for over thirty years. As an instructor, personal trainer and Health Club owner, Katherine has positively impacted the lives of many. With an emphasis on the Mind/Body connection, her passion for teaching goes beyond the physical benefits of exercise.


After completing a Masters Degree in Health/Fitness Management, Katherine taught a variety of techniques including:  Yoga, Pilates and N.I.A. ( dance movement ). The years of teaching were great fun, but eventually led to some occasional back pain. Fortunately her brother introduced her to FOUNDATION TRAINING. The consistent practice of the Foundation Training technique  resolved all her back issues and she decided to become a certified instructor.


Katherine attended five Foundation Training certifications banking 160 + hours of training. She facilitates personal, small group and corporate Foundation Training sessions. For the past 2 and ½ years she has been custom designing workshops for Fitness Professionals, Medical Practitioners and individuals. Teaming up with Bruno Treves is a natural progression, and their combined experience adds great value to all their classes and workshops.


Her free time is spent hiking on the Colorado trails with her husband and two dogs, Fozzie and Jack. Her credo is: Be Moderate, Consistent and have Fun... don’t take anything too seriously.




Phone: (479) 841 9063



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