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Santa Barbara Eco Village 

Second Gathering + Full Moon! =D




We are creating a vortex of energy with the intention of building an Eco-Village in Santa Barbara. Our intention is to create awareness and build a network to join our resources. Our first event was a success and we are in for Round 2! This time we are bringing the FULL MOON to the Party. :)



Find us at Leadbetter Beach (Facing the ocean go to the end of the parking lot on the right, we will gather at the last table on the right, between the parking lot and the ocean). Please carpool if possible.


4:30 pm Qi Gong Class

5:30 Peaceful Meditation Circle

6:30 Potluck Dinner (a.k.a The Main Event)

7:30 Sunset Closing Circle

8:00 Community Time: Healing/Massage Circle, Drum Circle and Brainstorming/Planning/Networking Circle.

9 pm Official End Time (You are welcome to stay longer) 

Please bring healthy (organic, local, non-processed) food to share (your own plate, utensils and water) and instruments to play music. We will place all offerings in our food circle and we will be eating together at the same time. (This is a family event. Please avoid bringing drugs or alcohol.) You are also welcome to bring donations to help us cover for the costs of hosting these events (space rentals, permits, food, supplies, website management, etc.) Suggested Donation is $10-$20 . 

We are hoping to make these events once a month. If you would like to contribute in any way to these events (planning, leading, gathering, etc) and/or to the manifestation of the Santa Barbara Eco-Village, please send an email to Bruno Treves (


FB Page:

Eco-Villages are intentional communities whose goal is to become more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. Ecovillages offer small-scale communities with minimal ecological impact or regenerative impacts as an alternative. They are united by shared ecological, social-economic and cultural-spiritual values.


The Santa Barbara Eco Village initiative integrates the models of multiple eco villages, eco communities and permaculture communities that follow a model for eco living in hermony with the earth and our fellow human beings. The vision includes the design and development of sustainable homes  eco living programs, sustainable homes, eco cabins and many other projects that support a more sustanable lifetyle for ourselves and future generations. 


Sponsored by: Bruno Treves Health & Wellness



Santa Barbara Eco Village
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