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"I’ve been working with Bruno for around a 1/2 year now. I went to Bruno because I had chronic weakness and pain in my right elbow. Bruno introduced me to Foundation Training. He’s taught me specific exercises that have strengthen all my core muscles. As a result my pain has dramatically  diminished and my posture is better than it’s ever been. Bruno is the real deal. He is knowledgeable about how the body works and has an intuitive sense of how to work best with me." - Bob Dickman


"Bruno came highly recommended to me to help me with my back problems. My L5-S1 had bulged once, popped twice, and I finally had surgery on it by cutting the tissue that was suffocating my nerve a few years ago. I often had sciatica, nerve, and piriformis pain. The first time I saw Bruno, he showed me a few stances, stretches and exercises to help improve my posture, tightness and pain. The moves were against my instincts and uncomfortable at first, but within minutes I felt pain relief. I use Bruno's techniques often to help correct my body's natural tendency to adopt poor posture and loosen the tight muscles that would cause the sciatica pain and piriformis pain. After seeing him I was doing quite well but re-injured myself working out. I was very crooked with my belly button and upper body about 4-6 inches away from center. It was difficult to walk, sit down, get up or move at all. I rushed to Bruno who helped me with 3 sessions. With Bruno's help and his non-traditional stretches, twists and stances, the tension eased and I gained some strength back. He has a wonderful, kind demeanor. I cried a few times around him from the pain and helplessness, and he eased me through the physical and emotional pain I was going through on my road back to recovery. He has an amazing gift for really seeing what is wrong and off, and how to help correct it. He gives you the exercises to do at home because ultimately his goal, different than some physical therapists, is to get you to a point where you don't need him. That's a true therapist and body healer. Thank you Bruno!" - Dorielle Birnkrant


"Bruno, I want to thank you for all the help you have given me in regards to my sciatic nerve problem. I was beginning to think that it was something that I would have to adjust to for the rest of my life. I hated it and it caused misery. I am now relieved of much of the pain. In fact, there are times when it seems like I never had it at all. I attribute much of the relief to the new way of walking and exercises you taught me, they are very helpful.  Your manner of teaching is calm, patient and gentle, coupled with a firm will and persistence which is a pleasure to be a part of." - Campion


"I found Bruno through the internet. After suffering from chronic pain the last twenty years due to a car accident, finding a way to mitigate had been a constant search. Foundation Training came to my attention and Bruno’s name was listed as one of the few Certified Foundation Training Instructors in my area, I figured the only way to experience it would be to take a class. The training was even better than I had hoped, both in terms of structure and content, but also in terms of a teacher who takes the time to share his understanding of body mechanics so that I can apply it to my training. It’s a rare gift to discover a method that increases both strength and range of movement while simultaneously alleviating chronic pain. Growing and healing as a human is, in my opinion, a never ending process, and it’s truly exciting for me to have a teacher like Bruno to help me find my way." - Bryan Yaconelli 



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