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This page is dedicated to providing different options for you to learn Foundation Training . Bellow you will find links to exercises & workouts, group and private classesonline sessions, the books Foundation and True to Form, Videos and the DVD Set. You can also review the Foundation Training Reviews page to learn more about Dr. Eric Goodman and Foundation Training. For additional questions or more information contact me

  • Relieve back pain by stengthening the muscles of the lower back.

  • Decompress your spine and stabilize your pelvis. 

  • Learn how to move better by connecting muscle chains.

  • Reduce injury risk.

  • Improved flexibility, strength, balance and overall health.

  • Foundation Training is a natural alternative to low back pain treatment and sciatica pain relief. 

  • Practice from home or wherever you are regardless of your time-zone.

  • Avoid traffic and save on traveling time and expenses. 

  • Enjoy a session designed to fit your specific needs, condtions, concerns and goals.

  • Experience a live, interactive, in real-time class with an excellent teacher.

FOUNDATION by Dr. Eric Goodman and Star Triathlete Peter Park shifts the training focus from the front of your body to the back of your body. This book will show you how to have good posture and proper movement patterns by strengthening and lengthening your posterior chain. Foundation Training will help you get rid of pain and improve your performance, helping you achieve new levels of fitness and wellbeing. Maximize your power, flexibility and endurance and say good-bye to back pain. 

Dr. Eric Goodman,s new book. Coming Soon. 

This 2 disc DVD set contains over 2.5 hours of excercises and workouts. The first disc features the fundamental Foundation Training exercises that will teach you the basics of proper movement and how to restore your body to balance, these videos are specially effective for people sufering from chronic pain. The second disc contains harder workouts and more challenging excercises to improve athletic performance and fitness levels. Most workouts are under 10 minutes and incredibly effective.


Foundation Training is a safe and effective program of exercises that helps you improve your posture and movement patterns to get you out of pain and improve your performance in everything you do. The exercises are simple but very powerful. Some people have been able to experience lower back pain relief immediately after trying Foundation Training for the first time.


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Foundation Training Reviews Exercises Dr. Eric Goodman DVD Set Book
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