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Massage therapy is an excellent way to improve your health. This is why I like to offer holistic massage therapy sessions in Boulder, Colorado. 

Research from around the world has found that therapeutic massage and bodywork have profound effects on the physical, mental and emotional states of the body. It is estimated that over ninety percent of disease is stress related. Massage is an excellent tool to manage stress. An increasing number of people are making massage therapy part of their health care routine and health management program. 


In the surface, massage therapy is a physical technique. Massage has proven to dramatically increase the circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and help with eliminating waste products from the body. Massage therapy promotes health and facilitates recovery from injuries, such as muscle strains and helps reduce inflammation. It also improves overall muscle tone, helping prevent injuries sprains and strains and relaxing tight and sore muscles. Athletes, of all levels, can train harder and recover faster using massage therapy before and after workouts and injuries. Massage has improves the production of endorphins, which serve as the body’s natural pain killers. Massage therapy is highly effective for lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and aching feet. 


When the body is relaxed, the mind follows. By relieving muscle tension the nervous system can relax. Massage Therapy helps bring the mind to the present movement. There are many studies available that show how massage can help reduce stress and anxiety. A relaxed body and mind help improve productivity and well-being. Massage can also help improve sleep, improve concentration and our ability to be more efficient at work.  


Therapeutic massage promotes an overall state of well-being, helping you tune into your body’s own processes. As you feel better, both physically and mentally, stress and anxiety lessen. Your body and mind start to work together as one. Deep relaxation becomes possible. The effects of massage therapy have been likened to meditation - the body and mind find balance and peace. 

Bodywork and Massage Therapy can specifically address a number of health issues:

-Increase overall circulation
-Enhance quality of sleep
-Increase energy, reduce fatigue
-Lessen anxiety
-Relieve headaches
-Improve concentration
-Increase joint flexibility 
-Improve range of motion
-Help athletes of any level train harder and recover faster from strenuous workouts
-Reduce swelling
-Help overused muscles relax and rejuvenate
-Help heal a myriad of body pains including neck, shoulder, low back
-Soften and lengthen overused muscles

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