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Best Massage Deal in Boulder Colorado

Get an amazing massage
in a beautiful location.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Reduce Pain and Discomfort

Improve Range of Motion

Transform Your Day

Feel Great


$60 for a full hour

with the subject line "$60 Special"
to schedule your session.


"The moment Bruno focused his healing energy on my foot it immediately felt way better!"

- Chris D.


"Bruno's extensive knowledge of massage modalities allows him to successfully help his clients."

- Pixie K.


"I'd refer anyone to Bruno looking for attentive adjustments, a calm presence, and knowledge of different healing modalities. Bruno has integrity and truly pours himself into his work. He is insightful and has wonderful energy."

- Karina W. 


"Bruno's massage turned my evening around. His work is gentle yet powerful, and incredibly effective. His intuition and kindness in working with each client are remarkable... Thank you, Bruno!"

- Jenna T.

About the Therapist 

Bruno Treves

Bruno Treves has over 2,000 hours of formal massage and bodywork training,

and 5+ years of experience working with clients.

He specializes in relieving pain,

and helping clients relax.

with the subject line "$60 Special"
to schedule your session.

Limited Availability. First Come First Serve.

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