Massage Therapy & Bodywork

Relax and Relieve Your Pain


Let your stress melt away
and manage any discomfort
by relaxing your body
with therapeutic touch.

Enjoy all Benefits of Massage

Relax and reduce your stress

Relieve acute and chronic pain

Improve your posture and mobility
Alleviate muscle soreness, stiffness and spasms

Recover from injuries and rehabilitate your body


"The moment Bruno focused his healing energy on my foot it immediately felt way better!"

- Chris D.

"Bruno's extensive knowledge on massage modalities allows him to successfully help his clients."

- Pixie K.

"I'd refer anyone to Bruno looking for attentive adjustments, a calm presence, and knowledge of different healing modalities. Bruno has integrity and truly pours himself into his work. He is insightful and has wonderful energy."

- Karina W. 

"Bruno's massage turned my evening around. His work is gentle yet powerful, and incredibly effective. His intuition and kindness in working with each client is remarkable... Thank you, Bruno!"

- Jenna T.

About the Therapist 

Bruno Treves

More than 2,000 hours of certified massage and bodywork training

Seven years of experience working with clients.

Specializing in pain relief and relaxation.


Bruno's massage expertise includes the following styles: 


Acupressure - Gentle touch to remove blockages. Improve circulation, increase vitality and overall health.


ReflexologyApplied to the feet, hands and ears. Works directly with the vital organs to improve their function.


Deep Tissue - Deep pressure to reduce chronic pain, relieve stress, improve circulation and release muscle tension. 


SwedishGentle and relaxing full body massage to relieve pain. Reduce stress, increase circulation and unwind.


Trigger Point Therapy - Release tight muscles, reduce and/or eliminate muscular pain and improve movement. 


Craniosacral Therapy - Decompress the spine, relieve headaches, neck, shoulders and back pain. 

Pregnancy - Relaxing prenatal massages tailored to soon-to-be moms. Safe, gentle and comfortable. 


Polarity Therapy - Gentle and therapeutic, relaxing massage that brings your systems closer to balance.


Lymphatic Drainage - Gentle full body massage that drains the lymph. Improves detoxification and circulation.


Belly Massage (Chi Nei Tsang) - Gentle belly massage to relieve pain and improve the function of the internal organs.


Thai - Traditional Thai massage combining gentle compression, meridian stimulation and assisted stretches. 


Temple Lomi-Lomi - Traditional Hawaiian massage incorporating lots of oil with long and fluid movements. 


Tuina Martial arts based message to improve joint mobility, posture, flexibility, energy flow and vitality.  


Medical QiGong - A branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that gently helps regulate the client's energetic flow.


Reiki - Energy-based bodywork technique that uses intention and visualization to energize the client's system. 


Bruno Treves, Certified Massage Therapist, CO License #0019305

Your Massage Session

Every massage is unique and tailored to your needs.

Select from over a dozen massage preferences, styles, and add-ons.
Choose any time length between one and two hours.

Sessions are performed at Bruno's home-studio in Coal Creek Canyon.

You can also request an "Out-Call" to your home.

Prices and Packages

1 Hour Session = $100

Package of 3     = $270 (Save 10%)

Package of 6     = $510 (Save 15%)

Package of 9   = $720 (Save 20%)

90 Minute Session = $150

Package of 3     = $405 (Save 10%)

Package of 6     = $765 (Save 15%)

Package of 9   = $1,080 (Save 20%)

Bring the session to you by requesting an "Out-Call". 

Includes an extra 15 minutes to set-up/take-down. 
$10/mile from Coal Creek Canyon Improvement). $50 Max.