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These prices and packages are applicable to all services including:

Foundation Training, Private Yoga Classes, Massage Therapy & Reiki

1 Hour Session = $100

Package of 3     = $270 (Save 10%)

Package of 5     = $400 (Save 20%)

90 Minute Session = $150

Package of 3     = $405 (Save 10%)

Package of 5     = $600 (Save 20%)

Invite up to 3 people to join your movement session.  

Out-Calls: $10 per mile from CCC Improvement Association. $50 Max

Out-Calls include 15 extra minutes for set-up and take-down.

Please read our Cancellation & Refund Agreement.

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"Bruno Treves is a treasure. You will be in very good hands with him,

in massage, yoga or Foundation Training." - Patti S.


"I would recommend Bruno to anybody that is ready to get themselves out of pain in a positive environment with a positive trainer who listens to what you want to accomplish." - Michael D. 

Bruno Treves Health, Fitness Wellness Boulder

Special Programs



Speedway to Health and Performance


Understand and practice essential principles, postures, and movements for your body. 
 Correct your posture, relieve pain, prevent injuries and improve your performance.


This weekly program is scheduled from Monday to Friday.

You may choose to do one week, two or four. 


Learn about the FIVE DAY INTENSIVE






Improve Your Health, Improve Your Business

Ideal for business and organizations looking to improve their team's well-being.

Includes weekly visits to your preferred location, to deliver personal training and massage services.

All jobs create stress in our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

This stress affects our ability to handle challenges and lowers our productivity.

Working Wellness relieves this stress and empowers you to manage it on your own.


Click Here to Learn More about the WORKING WELLNESS


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