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Welcome to our store page. These are some personal products that I highly recomend. Most of them I use every day to take care of my self... Here you will find... 


Foundation Training is a program of exercises and workouts that teach how to move better, reduce chronic pain and improve your health. The workouts are an easy and natural way to eliminate chronic back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and a long list of physical diseases. You can quickly learn how to fix your own pain by learning how to activate your muscles with balance. Once you begin to move properly you will engage more muscles in every step you take, sport you play, and exercise you do, reducing pain and allowing you to enjoy more of your every day.


People from all ages and fitness conditions can benefit from Foundation Training because the excercises and workouts teach your body how to move in a natural way. You will reach new heights in physical health and improve control over your body. Thousands of people broken longstanding plateaus by taking the time to master these fundamental movement patterns. No equipment is needed and you can do it anywhere, anytime. Your body will adapt quickly to healthier movement patterns and you will soon learn of all the benefits that come with Foundation Training.  

Product Description 


This 2 disc DVD set contains over 2.5 hours of excercises and workouts. The first disc features the fundamental Foundation Training exercises that will teach you the basics of proper movement and how to restore your body to balance, these videos are specially effective for people sufering from chronic pain. The second disc contains harder workouts and more challenging excercises to improve athletic performance and fitness levels. Most workouts are under 10 minutes and incredibly effective.


Learn the valuable skills of anchoring the pelvis and decompressing the torso with the Founder, Anchored Bridge, 8 Point Plank and Supine Decompression. You will quickly notice how these excercises improve your health and help you reduce chronic pain. Learn the principles, apply them to every activty in your daily life and soon you will discover a new way of living free of pain, with more strenght, flexibility, balance and joy.  Take it to the next level and sign up for a private classPrivate classes are also the best way to be sure that you are doing the excercises correctly to avoid injury and maximize the benefits from your workouts.



Join this 4 day intensive to expand your understanding of how the human body is designed to move and support itself. Learn the basics to Decompress the spine, Anchoring the pelvis and Integrate optimal postures into daily movement. The certification will empower you to keep your body feeling healthy and strong, and to teach others how to do the same.


Class runs from 9am – 5pm Thursday through Saturday and 9am – 3pm on Sunday.


Lead by Dr. Eric Goodman


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