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Research shows that 4 out of 5 people in the modern world suffer from back pain. Maybe you are one of these people, or maybe you experience pain in your shoulder, neck, hip or knees. It may be that your pain is chronic or perhaps you are suffering from a recent injury that has not healed yet. Maybe you can't get a good night sleep, or you have missed work because of your pain. I know how frustrating this can be. The good news is that regardless of the cause of your pain, there is a natural solution to help you feel better. For many years I let my pain take control of my life. It was frustrating to have the desire to live an active life not knowing how to improve my health. Foundation Training gave me the key to relieve my pain and live life to the fullest. 




Foundation Training Exercises Boulder Colorado

How The Foundation Training Program Helped This Holistic Health Care Practitioner Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain


My story:


“I grew up with very bad posture and I know what it is like to feel helpless and unable to do what you want to do. My posture was so bad that I began to see a physical therapist when I was 5 years old, kids made fun of me in school because I was always hunched over. As I got older I began to play sports and trained very hard, running daily and lifting weights regularly, however, my posture and pain got worse.


Foundation Training changed my life by teaching me how to have good posture and move better. My aches and pains began to disappear. My posture improved dramatically. Now I am more athletic, more flexible and my movements are smoother and more graceful.


Now I can - literally - walk tall and hold my head up high. I can also do things I had never been able to do and challenge myself physically in ways I didn’t think possible. As a result my well-being and self confidence have improved inmensly.”


- Bruno Treves


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The  Foundation Training Program Is Simple And Effective 

Foundation Training offers one of the most natural and non-invasive approaches to health. You can apply these principles of posture and movement anytime and anywhere as you go about your daily activities - walking, sitting in a chair, driving a car, working on a desk or playing sports.


With Bruno Treves' guidance Foundation Training can help you:


  • Solve problems at a root level so that you save on potential surgery costs, doctors’ visits and work time lost due to pain and injury.

  • Improve your energy, stamina, range of motion, strength, balance and flexibility so that your posture and physical performance get better.

  • Reverse the detrimental effects of too much sitting, driving, computer and cell-phone use.

  • Perform better in disciplines such as yoga, running, athletics, martial arts and any sport.

  • Take charge of your health instead of depending on pills and other external crutches.

  • Improve your posture, reduce your pain and teach you how to take better care of yourself. 


Foundation Training was derived from Yoga. Bruno Treves is one of the few teachers in the world with certifications and experience in both systems. This knowledge and experience allows his students to receive the most complete and balanced training. Bruno also has over 1,000 hours of massage and bodywork training, adding extra layers of information and expertise that make these sessions uniquely effective.  His holistic background and education allow for a therapeutic aproach that will benefit your physical, mental and emotional health. 


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Foundation Training Reviews 


"I believe Foundation Training may offer the best of all worlds in terms of building a strong core, eliminating back pain, and promoting optimal health that goes beyond fitness."

- Joesph Mercola, Health and wellness thought leader & New York Times Best Selling author


"My lower back pain has dramatically diminished and my posture is better than it’s ever been. Bruno is the real deal. He is knowledgeable about how the body works and has an intuitive sense of how to work best with people."

- Bob Dickman, Personal Coach and author


"Foundation Training is even better than I had hoped, both in terms of structure and content. Bruno Treves is a great teacher who takes time to share his understanding of body mechanics so that I can apply it to my training."

- Bryan Yaconelli 



Contact Bruno Treves for more information and to Schedule a Foundation Training Class


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