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Are you new to yoga or looking to improve your practice? Bruno Treves can help you take you fine-tune your poses, movements and understanding of yoga to make your practice more efficient and enjoyable. 


Who are These Personal Classes For

  • Beginning students who find larger classes overwhelming or intimidating.

  • Students with specific limitations and conditions that need extra care such as pregnancy,  migraines, depression, anxiety, back or neck pain, and other injuries or chronic illnesses.

  • Regular practitioners who want to work on specific poses or get guidance on their practice

  • Experienced practitioners can find new insight into their practice and get an educated outside perspective

  • Students who want the schedule classes at a preferred time and place



Contact Bruno Treves to Schedule a Private Yoga Class


Benefits From Private Yoga Training Classes

  • Receive more attention than in any group yoga class. 

  • Work one-on-one to go over safe alignment and proper form.

  • Work with injuries, learn how to modify poses to induce healing instead of pain.

  • Deepen yourmeditation practice.

  • Explore yogic philosophy and unfamiliar styles of yoga

Yoga Personal Trainer Boulder Colorado Classes

In home sessions are available. Rates may vary depending on travel time. 


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Contact Bruno Treves to Schedule a Private Yoga Class

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