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Life in the 21st Century has left many of us, with a body that is painfully imbalanced. Modern conveniences such as cars, seats, computers, cell-phones and shoes have all contributed to a large number of chronic imbalances in our posture which have affected our overall health and quality of life. Our current health system inefficiently addresses this issue, providing patients with continuous visits to the doctor and overconsumption of drugs and pain killers which only treat the symptoms instead of the cause. 


Those looking for a more active solution often find themselves in the gym, doing high-impact, high-intensity training and/or lifting heavy weights in a manner that create more degeneration and pain over the long run. The answer lies on tackling the problem at its root: Posture, Alignment and Movement Patterns.


What is Foundation Training?


Foundation Training is an innovative movement improvement program specifically designed to help reduce the damage created by our modern lifestyle. Through a series of postures, poses, and movements, Foundation Training helps activate the body's chains of muscles and teaches us to properly support ourselves creating healthier movement patterns and allowing us to live a healthier life. The program is relatively new, this is why I decided to write this Foundation Training review. 

Foundation Training exercises allow the human body to properly support itself, activating the muscle chains that where designed to create stability and drive us through life. The more common types of chronic pain such as back pain, hip pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints and other illness are usually a product of repetitive stress and improper movements over time. These movement patterns create a wear and tear that has a continuous and expected break down pattern that most people go through. Doctors today treat the pain and hide the symptoms instead of listening to what the pain is telling us.


Foundation Training address the issue at its root, facilitating an effective and efficient approach to treating these conditions and placing the power back in each individuals hands by giving them the tools to get themselves out of chronic pain and become stronger than they ever imagined. You can get started today with our Foundation Training Online Streaming Website

Foundation Training Exercises Improve Your Movement Patterns 


Foundation Training encourages people to notice and change their movement patterns and provides a program of exercises that teaches and facilitates the integration of the muscle chains that are meant to support our physical structure and propel us through life. These simple and transformative exercises are designed to naturally heal back pain and other chronic pains. Relief begins immediately and there is no equipment needed.


Foundation Training is the universal accessory to an active lifestyle. By learning and practicing these exercises and movement patterns thousands of people of different ages and backgrounds have been able to relieve their pain and heal their body allowing them to enjoy their life to their fullest capacity.


Hundreds of professional athletes have benefited from this program as well as it provides a safe approach to training and pushing the limits of the human body. Athletes from most professional sports have used Foundation Training to reach new levels of endurance, stamina and strength and more continue to do as the word spreads out.


Learn How to Manipulate Gravity to Your Benefit


Foundation Training's approach is based on utilizing the force of gravity to our advantage. The principles and exercises that we share allow people to manipulate gravity to benefit from it while standing, sitting, and lying or in any position a person might be in and during any activity they may choose to be involved with, be that a sport, working on the computer, taking a shower or washing the dishes. Dr. Goodman's book "True to Form" explains how to accomplish this, and our Foundation Training Online Streaming Website has countless videos where you can learn by practicing.  


These principles and exercises teach the body to use gravity for its benefit and activate as many muscle chains as possible to support the body instead of letting all the pressure fall on the joints. One of the ideas behind Foundation Training is that the core of the body is not simply the abdominal muscles but instead, it includes every muscle that connects to the pelvis, either from above or below, including the hamstrings, glutes, adductors, iliacus and psoas, among others. One of Foundation Training’s simplest and most effective exercise is the Standing Decompression.

Heal Back Pain Naturally and Improve Your Performance 


The objective of this exercise is to naturally decompress the spine by activating the muscles that stabilize and traction the pelvis down from below while counter tensioning by creating upward spinal traction using deep muscular breathing. This tug-of-war among muscle chains protects the spine, braces the abdomen and increases the space for our visceral organs. It also elevates and expands the ribcage creating space for deeper and fuller breaths leading to improved oxygenation and all the benefits that come with it.


Another of Foundation Training most effective and popular exercises is the Founder which integrates all the muscles of the Posterior Chain, placing them at an effective length so that they can assist each other during a gross chain contraction. Most people who practice these exercises regularly notice changes in their body within a week or two of starting the program. Within three weeks, most people begin to feel profound differences in their level of chronic pain, posture and ability to move around in their daily life.


The program is constantly evolving and improving, and the depth of the exercises continues to deepen as Foundation Training continues to inspire people around the world to get out of pain and regain control of their body and health.  


Foundation Training can be used for rehabilitation of movement patterns and to recover from injuries and illnesses. Many people have used this health practice to relieve pain, improve their health, increase their level of fitness, flexibility and strength, return their bodies to balance and improve their quality of life.


The philosophy behind Foundation Training is rooted into the idea of self-care, it is a form of personal training that focuses on autonomy and helps people who want to improve their condition, reduce their medications, get off pain killers and improve their well-being.


This health practice may not be part of the traditional health care system but it is an efficient approach to home health care that anyone can utilize anywhere at any time. For many people it has proven to be better than surgery, better than physical therapy and better than yoga. Foundation Training is not a cure-all approach but it can help many people in many ways. Check out our Foundation Training Online Streaming Website, and if you want individual support, you can always Contact Me, to schedule private one-on-one Foundation Training Online Sessions

Dr. Eric Goodman, The Founder of Foundation Training


Eric Goodman, DC is the creator of Foundation Training and author of Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence. Eric has combined his experience as a strength coach, personal trainer and Chiropractor to create a simple strengthening program that facilitates the body’s natural healing ability and quickly improves degenerative movement patterns and reduces chronic pain. His work has helped thousands of people across the board, all the way from professional and Olympic athletes to people recovering from injuries as well as those looking to improve their performance and get out of pain.


Dr. Eric Goodman began to develop Foundation Training when he was in chiropractic school, at the time he was suffering from chronic back pain with multiple bulging discs and herniation in his lower back. Despite access to top treatment the pain remained. Eventually, his lumbar degeneration, bulging discs and herniation became advance to the point that he needed to get back surgery, but he refused to, instead, he decided to fix his pain with this self-care approach.


Foundation Training is an innovative movement program designed specifically to help reverse the damage caused by the constant compression and detrimental habits of our modern lifestyles and improve our health. It is one of the most effective natural remedies to chronic back pain and one of the fastest ways to bring your health back to balance. The exercises are easy to learn and can be done anywhere at any time. 


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Dr. Eric Goodman Foundation Training Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief Boulder Colorado
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