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Foundation Training is a safe and effective program of exercises that helps you improve your posture and movement patterns to get you out of pain and improve your performance in everything you do. The exercises are simple but very powerful. Some people have been able to experience lower back pain relief immediately after trying Foundation Training for the first time.


Foundation Training not only helps to prevent and cure lower back pain but dozens of other conditions such as neck pain, shoulder pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and many more. Relief can be felt immediately and there is no equipment needed. This is a natural program that teaches your body to stand and move as nature intended, relieving pressure on your joints, stretching and strengthening tight or weak muscles and providing healthy movement across muscle chains.


Foundation Training is also used by athletes of all levels to improve their performance in their favorite sports and athletic activities.  Top level athletes integrate Foundation Training into their workout routines to get more out of every movement they make. By doing this they are able to reach new levels of endurance, stamina and strength. There are dozens of athletes who give credit to the Foundation Training exercises for their high level of performance during training sessions and competitions.


Foundation Training is called “the universal accessory to an active lifestyle”. It allows you to do whatever you love to do, better. By teaching your body how to support itself and move better it allows every movement to become more efficient, graceful and effortless. From playing golf to moving furniture, Foundation Training can save you from injuries and allow you to enjoy the things to love without pain. Many people’s lives have improved with this incredible program.


The Foundation Training promotes a fit and active lifestyle without the need for complicated exercises or machines. The program takes away all unnecessary components to training and relies simply on you and your body. Foundation Training is composed of some of the best bodyweight exercises you can do and it relies on nothing else than movement and breathing. This exercises are low impact and can vary from low intensity to high intensity, depending on the level of training you are looking for.


Through a series of postures, poses, and movements, Foundation Training activates your posterior, anterior and lateral muscle chain and teaches your body how to support itself without placing unnecessary weight on your joints. The exercises force you to keep most of the weight on your muscles, where it belongs allowing them to function normally again. One of the extra benefits of practicing Foundation Training is that, as your posture and movements become better, so does the function of your internal organs such as your heart, lungs and brain.

Check out our Foundation Training Online Streaming Website. If you want private one-on-one instruction visit our Foundation Training Online page. 

Dr. Eric Goodman is the creator of Foundation Training. During the past decade, Dr. Goodman has combined his experience as a strength coach, personal trainer and Chiropractor to create this simple exercise program to facilitate your body’s natural healing ability. Foundation Training not only promotes back pain relief, but it also quickly improves degenerative movement patterns that can affect the spine and all joints around the body.


During the past years Dr. Goodman has experienced incredible results in his own body and it the bodies of thousands of clients and patients that have worked with him. During the last few years he has been leading the Foundation Training Instructor Certification Program, a four day intensive workshop where Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Athletes and Average Joes of all ages learn the nuts and bolts of this wonderful exercise program.


Dr. Eric Goodman is not your average Chiropractor or personal trainer. He is a visionary force and thought leader in the medical field. His incessant curiosity for anatomy, movement and healing has led him to become one of the most thought out trainers in the world. Dr. Goodman has gone from working with pre and post-surgery patients to training top level athletes and Olympians. One of his greatest achievements was becoming the strength and conditioning coach of the U.S.A. Men’s Water Polo Team, who went on to win the Silver medal in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The team’s coach, and many of the players, attributed their victory to Dr. Goodman’s innovative training program.  


Many years ago, Foundation Training released a series of DVDs to help people practice Foundation Training at home. These DVDs and videos received tremendous acknowledgment from the community. The exercises taught in these videos show the basics of proper posture and movement patterns, helping you to transform your body and move towards structural integration. The value of the information in these DVDs lasts a lifetime and changes your physical life forever.


The 2 disc DVD set that contains over 2.5 hours of instruction. The first disc shows the fundamental Foundation Training exercises that teach the basics of proper movement. The second disc provides a more advances version of the exercises and includes intense workouts to match your daily needs. The workouts on these discs are approximately 10 minutes long, but extremely effective.


Withe these videos you can learn how to anchor your pelvis and decompress your torso, two principles that are essential for proper posture and movement patterns. In addition to this, you will learn innovative exercise such as the 8 Point Plank, Anchored Bridge, Gorilla Lift and Supine Decompression.

Currently, the 2-disc DVD set is no longer in production. Instead, you can easily sign up for our Foundation Training Online Streaming website, were you can access countless hours of training, from basic to advanced. We also offer private one-on-one instruction via our Foundation Training Online sessions. 

Foundation Training Reviews DVD Book Exercises Lower Back Pain

Foundation Training DVD Reviews from Amazon (In case you are looking for a used DVD set):


“I do not doubt for one second the quality of the exercises on this DVD. I first did the 30 day founder challenge and within one week, I felt strength and integrity in my back that I had not felt for 4 years since I injured it.” - A. M. M. Smith


“Highly recommend this program for those with back issues. It has helped me tremendously. I suffered from sciatica and low back pain for years and after just a week I felt relief. Great program.” – Bobbi J. Tschumper


“This has been absolutely amazing for recovering from a broken neck. The videos are very clear. This has replaced all other core exercises and really made a difference!” – Janet McGrath


“Foundation training is absolutely amazing. My back used to always hurt at least a bit and I thought that was normal. After the first foundation training workout, my back began to feel better. Foundation training has made my back super strong without training with heavy weights. I am an MD and frequently do spine injections for pain management. I have been recommending foundation training for many of these patients because I believe in it so strongly. Most people with back issues are weak and tight. Foundation training solves that.” – Stanley D. Kurisko


The product averages 5 stars on Amazon.


Dr. Eric Goodman’s first books was called “Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence”.  Since its publication it has sold thousands of copies around the world. This book shows how Foundation Training shifts the focus from the front of your body to the back of your body to make you stronger all around. The text provides an introduction to the revolutionary approach of strengthening the full posterior chain of muscles and correcting poor movement patterns to maximize your strength, flexibility, and endurance, bringing about back pain relief and higher levels of performance.


The book contains detailed information on how to perform some of the most basic Foundation Training exercises. Even though this is Dr. Eric Goodman’s earliest piece of work, it still continues to help people find lower back pain relief and dozens of more benefits. This item has an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon, with more than 400 reviews, and counting. These are some of them:


“I thought my lower back would be my Achilles' heel forever. Foundation training took that thought out of the equation. I feel strong and flexible, and my posture is better than it has ever been. This stuff is just plain good for you.” ―Matthew McConaughey, actor


“I have always been in great shape and take pride in maintaining a certain level of fitness, but in the time I have been working with Peter Park and Eric Goodman, I have reached a new level of endurance, stamina, and strength. The program pushes me without exhausting me, conditions me, and has completely changed the way my body moves and feels.” ―Derek Fisher, LA Laker and NBA champion


“I am fortunate enough to represent some of the world's greatest athletes, and after working with Peter and Eric for the last two years, I am starting to feel as strong as one! The core principles of this book have made me stronger and fitter than I ever imagined possible, and I intend to make them a part of my daily routine for many years to come.” ―Casey Wasserman, chairman and CEO of Wasserman Media Group


In addition to his book and DVD set, Dr. Eric Goodman has published more than a dozen free Foundation Training videos for you to enjoy and benefit from. These can be accessed directly through the company’s website.


These videos include Dr. Goodman TedEx presentation on “The Unexpected Physical Consequences Of Technology”, as well as introductions to Foundation Training, interviews with Doctors such as Dr. Mercola, and the highly acclaimed 12 Minute Foundation Training workout, which has attracted more than half a million viewers over the past few years. If you are not ready yet to commit to this program and make an investment, I recommend you look into these free videos to get more information, practice the exercises and benefit from this wonderful work.

For full access to all videos, please sign up to our Foundation Training Online Streaming Website


Many people have attended the Foundation Training Certifications after having had their own personal success with this exercises program. Some people take it because they want to go deeper into their practice and others are looking forward to teaching Foundation Training to their clients, family and friends. Regardless of their reasons, everyone receives an outstanding treatment and education.


The Foundation Training Certification is for everyone, including:


Practitioners – Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and other healthcare practitioners interested in giving their patients the tools they need to improve the way they stand, move and feel.


Trainers and Therapists – Personal Trainers, Pilates, Fitness Yoga and Martial Arts Instructors, Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers interested in finding ways to help others get more out of life.  


Everyone Else – This includes anyone who has benefited from Foundation Training through use of the book, DVD or work with a Certified Instructor. If you want to expand your knowledge about Foundation Training, and maybe teach it to others, then this training is for you.


The program lasts 4 full days and is filled with lectures by Dr. Eric Goodman, detailed instruction of every single exercises in the program, and challenging workouts lead by some of the best Foundation Training instructors in the world. The success people have after attending this intensive workshop is outstanding.


During this 4 day intensive, attendees will add significant depth to their understanding of how the human body is designed to move and support itself. The content of the certification is based on Dr. Eric Goodman’s 3 principles: Decompressing the spine, Anchoring the pelvis and Integrating proper postures into daily movement.


As you study these significant principles, you will notice yourself and those around you become stronger. The certification will also allow you the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals in the field of health, medicine, fitness and wellness, leaving you empowered to keep your body feeling healthy and strong, and to teach this how-to to other people.


The classes usually run from 9am to 5pm, Thursday through Saturday and are led by Dr. Eric Goodman, Dr. Dustin DeRyke and Master Brian King.  Throughout the program, the instructors will welcome and answer questions from the attendees, providing an outstanding learning environment well suited for all.


Those who attend the Foundation Training Certification qualify to become an official Foundation Training Instructor, some additional benefits include:


- Listing on the Foundation Training website as an instructor in your area.

- Discounts on future educational opportunities.

- Priority enrollment in future trainings for yourself and your referrals.

- Wholesale pricing on Foundation Training products.

- Membership to the exclusive Foundation Training Instructor Forum, which provides access to the team members and other instructors who can answer questions and share ideas.

Bruno Treves is a Master Foundation Training Instructor. He received his Foundation Training Certification in 2013 and has been teaching these exercises since. He had the privilege of working closely with Dr. Eric Goodman for more than two years, watching him train clients and helping him write his latest book, “True to Form”.


During the last three years Bruno has attended more than a dozen Foundation Training Certifications and assisted in many of them, helping Dr. Goodman train hundreds of new Foundation Training Instructors.


Bruno has also completed more than 500 hours of yoga teacher trainings and over a thousand hours of training in massage therapy and bodywork. He specializes in lower back pain relief and pain management through the use of natural integrative methods and holistic medicine.


He currently teaches classes and workshops in Boulder, Colorado and nearby cities such as Denver, Lousiville, Golden, and Longmont. Bruno also provides consultations and online training around the world through Skype and FaceTime. Click here to ask questions or to schedule an appointment.

Check out our Foundation Training Online Streaming Website. If you want private one-on-one instruction visit our Foundation Training Online page. 

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