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Free Foundation Training & Yoga Classes Fill My Heart with Joy

I love teaching, love, love, love, love it. Especially when I know that my students benefit from it. Especially when it is them that tell me, after class, how much they enjoyed it. Especially when they show me their interest and their excitement to learn more, to keep coming to class. It brings me to Wholeness, it reinforces in me a sense of purpose. It reminds me that I am helping the world become a better place, that I am serving my community, that I am having a positive impact in the world. I feel grateful, I feel honored, I feel blessed and it fills my heart with joy.

This week I got to teach a free yoga class and free Foundation Training classes at Divinitree Yoga in Santa Barbara. This week we are offering free classes for everyone as a way to give back to the community and allow new students to get a feel for and find those classes that can help them live a happier and healthier life.

Both of my classes were packed with awesome people and great energy. Many of the students stayed after class to say “hello”, “thank you” and “I will see you next time”. After years of studying and practicing how to teach Foundation Training and Yoga I could not ask for more (even though I do). :)

I came across the practice of yoga while I was in the middle of a very sad and troubling period in my life. The practice gave me something new and different to focus on. Little by little it taught me how to build a space where I could find more peace, more joy, more acceptance, self-love and love for others and All.

It did not happen from one day to the next and I know that in a sense I am still scratching the surface. None the less, after all these years of effort, it is a true blessing to see my efforts pay off, not only in my own practice but also in the practice of others who, just like myself, have found themselves in this path and journey to Wholeness.

Foundation Training came to me soon after yoga, during the days when I had chronic lower back pain. It was Eric Goodman and his Foundation Training videos on youtube that got me started. Eric’s revolutionary approach to proper posture and movement quickly and clearly answered the questions I did not even know I had. His teachings lighted a candle in my soul and I followed my intuition through, knowing, from the very begging, that this adventure would have a huge impact in my life. Back then I would have not been able to guess the effects it would have on myself and others. Now I know this is just the begging, and as my mother always tells me, “the best is yet to come”.

I have seen many people get out of chronic pain with Foundation Training. Starting with myself and following with my father, I have now a growing list of friends who I have been able to help manage their chronic pain and find a way to move better, to feel better and live better and healthier lives.

Foundation Training has not been my only tool to heal. I have also practiced meditation, Qi Gong and a countless number of approaches and techniques for self-improvement and self-healing. I have read over a hundred self-help books, scriptures, articles and all sorts of literature on health and well-being. Every day for the past handful of years I have dedicated most of my time to find out what truth and health really mean and what true health really feels like. I know I am getting closer.

The beauty about the place where I am now is that I am gathering the fruits of my effort and at the same time I am able to share those fruits with others. It is all happening simultaneously.

As I move through my journey and arrive to this day I realize that this journey is no only about my own person health but also the health of those who surround me and all of us as a whole. As of right now, my understanding of holistic health does not only include the health of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It also includes the health of my family, my friends, the community I belong to and the planet in which I live. I believe that only through constant dedication towards ourselves AND one another we can achieve true holistic health.

If I could teach free foundation training classes and yoga every day I would. I hope one day I will be able to do it more often. I hope one day we will all be able to do what we love to do for free. I hope we will all be able to extend and share our passions and gifts with the world without asking for anything in return. Letting the exchange come in the form of gratitude, smiles and laughter. Hugs and high-fives are great currency too. Money can get you many things but it cannot fill your heart with Joy.

I encourage you to find and follow your passion, to live your truth, to do what you love and let money follow. To dedicate the time that you have to that which you are called to, without struggle, without stress but with an open heart, with faith and a sense of purpose, knowing that what you do can and will affect others. If you put your heart on it, sooner or later it will heal you and those around you.

I want to take this chance to extend my gratitude to Dr. Eric Goodman, Dr. Dustin DeRyke, Mr. Move Man, the Foundation Training Team, the awesome group of people at Divinitree Yoga Studio and everyone who has helped and supported me along this journey. It is thanks to you that all this joyfulness is unfolding as it is. Thank you.

May you find peace and joy in whatever you choose to do.

Wishing you all health within and around you.

- Bruno Treves

Foundation Training Class in Santa Barbara:

Foundation Training Santa Barbara_edited.jpg

Photography by Dr. Dustin DeRyke

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