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Foundation Training: More than Back Pain Relief

Foundation Training is a safe and effective program of exercises that helps you improve your posture and movement patterns to get you out of pain and improve your performance in everything you do. The exercises are simple but very powerful. Some people have been able to experience lower back pain relief immediately after trying Foundation Training for the first time.

Foundation Training not only helps to prevent and cure lower back pain but dozens of other conditions such as neck pain, shoulder pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, plantar fascitis, tennis elbow and many more. Relief can be felt immediately and there is no equipment needed. This is a natural program that teaches your body to stand and move as nature intended, relieving pressure on your joints, stretching and strengthening tight or weak muscles and providing healthy movement across muscle chains.

Foundation Training is also used by athletes of all levels to improve their performance in their favorite sports and athletic activities. Top level athletes integrate Foundation Training into their workout routines to get more out of every movement they make. By doing this they are able to reach new levels of endurance, stamina and strength. There are dozens of athletes who give credit to the Foundation Training exercises for their high level of performance during training sessions and competitions.

If you want private one-on-one instruction visit our Foundation Training Online page.

foundation training

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