Foundation Training Review by Bruno Treves

The first time I found out about Foundation Training I was in my apartment in San Diego reading an email from a family friend. The email was from a co-worker of my mother who had gone through the Foundation Training Certification and was recommending me the program to get rid of my lower back pain. Back then I was experiencing chronic back pain on a daily basis, especially when I would sit down to meditate. The pain went all the way from my lower back to my neck and shoulders. It was unbearable.

I had already tried going to a chiropractor to adjust my spine but the pain relief would only last a handful minutes. The chiropractor would adjust me, I would feel better and by the time I drove home and got off the car the pain would come back. Many times I asked my chiropractor for advice and exercises to feel better and improve my posture. He gave me a single page print-out with some basic stretches for the back. These exercises