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On Faith and the Power of Faith

What is Faith?

Faith is the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. It can also refer to a strong

belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

Faith is not a privilege. Faith is not earned and it is not a gift. Faith in anything can be learned and that same faith can always change. We can gain faith and we can loose faith. We can have more or less of it. Faith in something inevitably means lack of faith on something else. In a way, we can say faith is belief and belief is a feeling that comes with a perspective on something, an object, an idea, a memory, a feeling. We all have different perspectives, on everything, although we may agree on certain aspects, no two people can see the same exactly the same way. Our senses and all parts of our being are unique and we all experience the world in our unique ways. No one is better than the other. Unless you believe so.

Why Do We Need Faith?

You only need faith for the things that need faith. You do not need faith for those that do not require it. You do not need faith for your heart to beat, your lungs to breath. So faith is not an absolute requisite for action or reaction, only in some cases. If you lack faith on something you may never get it, and if you have no faith on getting faith, you may never get it.

We do not need faith in God, but some people do. We do not need faith on a specific master or some specific teachings, but we do need faith on something, anything, even if that means faith on the idea that we do not need faith, even if it means faith on the idea that there is no such thing as faith, or the impact of it. Faith in anything is acceptable for every individual, as long as it can accept itself. When faith is not there, then we have confusion and all that comes with it. We can have faith in our confusion and that is fine too.

We do not need to believe in what others do, but we do need to believe that they believe in what they do, and we have to accept that, we have to respect that and in the best case scenario, we have to appreciate it and expect the same in return. Only that way we will all be able to live in peace with each other and experience the joy of living as One. Oneness does not mean equality, it means connection and connection is built on what we share in common. It is also true that opposites attract and that has its own beauty, but those who I would consider sane do not look for connection through conflict, but connection through love. There are, of course, human rituals and traditions of conflict, just like there is everything else in this world and more. Yet, when it comes to the highest values of love, peace and joy, we can find that there are certain pints of common sense that we can trust on. Again, there is only right and wrong to those who see it as such, for the rest of us, there is only being.

What Does Faith Do?

Faith increases the ability of something to become real. If we have faith we believe and when we believe everything becomes possible, even if it isn’t yet. Probability exists for everything in this world, some of the most outrageous ideas have turned to be true. On the other hand, some of the most agreed on facts have turned to be false. Change is a constant and the amount of faith in something shows the amount of probability on that thing. The greater your faith in something, the greater your ability to manifest it. This is just like saying that the more you believe in something, the greater the chances of that becoming a reality, for you. Faith is unique to each individual and so is our relationship to it. We are all bound to the faith we have and some have faith in our ability to change this, weather you choose to or not that is up to you, or maybe it is not.

What do I have faith on?

I have faith on myself. I have faith on being alive and experiencing this world moment to moment. I have faith on the deep knowing within myself and in the great mysteries of the unknown. I have faith in learning, growing and ding. I have faith on the oneness of the all. I have faith on change.

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