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Gaining New Faith For John of God in Abadiania

Yesterday was a particularly good day for me on this trip I made to Abadiania. So far I had not been liking much of the trip, the town, the hotel where we are staying, the healing center called Casa de Don Ignacio nor the man we came to see, John of God. Since we arrived I have been noticing a lot of skepticism and disappointment. Up to yesterday I felt that I had lost all my faith on our trip and the possibility of seeing my fried get off his wheel chair and walk again. However, yesterday was different and on a sudden turn of events I regained my faith and my enthusiasm.

A Different Perspective on Abadiania

Yesterday morning, after breakfast, I decided to go on an early walk around town. I had to change a scheduled appointment I had made with a massage therapists in town. On my way to the spa I decided to stop by a crystal shop that was selling plenty of beautiful pieces at amazingly low prices.

Curiously enough, the first time I learned about crystals was exactly four years ago, during my first spiritual journey. It was to Teotihuacan in Mexico, with my first spiritual teacher, Gary Van Warmadan. It is a fun coincidence that both trips happened almost on the same dates four years apart. The owner of the posada where we stayed in Teotihuacan had a big crystal shop which I first was completely uninterested in. For some strange reason I decided to visit it on our last day there. I ended up getting a bunch of crystals which I still have and love very dearly, some of them I have had amazing experiences (one of them I gifted to a friend who told me that after I gave her the crystal she stopped having anxiety attacks). After that day, I began to study the healing properties of crystals and buying more whenever I came across a good opportunity. Since then I have been using crystals in some of my healing sessions. Most of my clients tend to love them and feel some of their healing effects.

After buying my new set of crystals I walked to the small shop across the road where a young man was selling incense and musical instruments. I ended up spending a nice hour with him, talking about music, travel and all sorts of things. He was a very nice kid. Before I left I decided to buy him a fresh coconut and in exchange he gifted me some incense, coincidently enough, he gave me the essence of Ylang Ylang, which is not only my favorite but also has the same name of the only essential oil that I brought on this trip. (If you are into essential oils I recommend you look into Mountain Rose Essential Oils, they have excellent therapeutic grade oils at very low prices).

The fresh coconuts I bought where from a small shop on a tiny alley on the side of the main street. The owner was a middle age woman. She was with two teenage children who were helping her make some vegan cookies. I decided to spend some time at her shop, enjoying a fresh coconut and a little acai smoothie she prepared for me. The lady was very nice. I found it interesting that the name of her store was “Flower of Life”, which is the same symbol that I have in my personal logo. I gave her my business card to show her the coincidence and she was happy to see that I am a massage therapist. She mentioned her daughter is a massage therapist too. She said that maybe her and eye could exchange massages. I hope we are able to make that happen.

While I was sitting in the shop I contemplated what a nice morning I was having. Surely enough doing a little shopping can help improve your mood, but what really made me feel happy was the kind attitude and interactions I was having with all the people I had met that morning. They all seem sincere and well-intended individuals. Sitting in that chair I had a small moment of enlightenment, and I remembered that God, the Universe, or whatever you wish to call it, is everywhere and within all of us. I remembered that this life is a game about love. It is about loving ourselves and loving each other, having faith in humanity and having faith in our lives, trusting our decisions and knowing that everything is perfect and that everything will be alright.

Meeting Our Guide Gave Me New Faith

After my morning walk I came back to the hotel and met with my traveling companions who wanted to go on a walk and have lunch on the street. I recommended against it because the sun was at the highest position of the day and the heat was almost unbearable. They insisted to go and so I went with them just in case they would need me. We ended up having a not-so-pleasant lunch filled with arguments and discussions. I did my best to transmute the negativity and held space for them to express themselves.

By the time we got back to the hotel my friend was getting close to having a heat stroke and we had to rush him in the pool. For a moment I almost thought he had died from the shock of going from the extreme heat of the sun to the extreme cold of the water, but it was only a scare. While we were on the pool a lady came to us and recommended we hire a tour guide for the rest of our trip and our next visit to the Casa de Don Ignacio. I was skeptical, thinking that this was another sales trick from more people trying to get our money. I took a look at the guide’s business card and after checking with my intuition I decided she was a trustworthy woman and agreed to meet her.

About an hour later I went to the dining room where our soon-to-be-guide was sitting with my travel friends. During our two hour long conversation we talked about John of God, the Casa de Don Ignacio and all the healing that is happening around Abadiania. Much of what she said made lots of sense, some other things did not. She explained that much of the healing energy in town came from the crystal bed laying underneath the earth and that there was a crystal castle above the town on the astral plane (this was the part I had trouble believing).

She also explained how spiritual surgeries work, how we should rest for 24 hours right after them and all sorts of details about protocols and other recommendations. For the most part it seemed like she knew what she was talking about and I listed very carefully as I stared at her trying to find out if she was for real or not. I am still not sure if she was honest or an excellent liar, but by the end of our conversation I felt more comfortable about our trip and excited about our next visit to the healing center. My favorite parts of our conversation was hearing her talk about resent discoveries of Pyramids in Bosnia, her trip to the archeological sites and the techniques she used for muscle testing herself to make decisions. I realize I have my own way of testing my body to make choices, it is very simple, I ask a question and if I feel expansion on my chest the answer is positive, if I feel contraction on my belly the answer is negative. I recommend you give it a try.

After dinner I went back to my room, listened to some music (Krishna Das) and watched a couple of hours of videos about the Pyramids of Bosnia, sacred geometry, ancient archeology and crop circles. I enjoy looking into non-traditional theories about our history and the origins of mankind. For some reason it easily makes more sense to me than all the things I learned in school. I still can’t convince my parents to look into it, but I suspect it is because they already know. =D

Thank you for letting me share this with you, with love.

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