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Jesus Christ, My Brother, My Friend

It took me 25 years to believe that Jesus Christ was a special man who walked this earth 2,000 years ago. The reason why it took so long is because during my whole life I heard story after story of his amazing powers. I heard about his prophesies and divine healing abilities, all the aggrandized statements people made about him. Most of the stories told about him where hard to believe and the lack of proof (books from the Bible don’t count) made it almost impossible to believe his stories. Not to mention the fact that much of what is said about him is contradictory in one way or another and that the use of his name and the religions created around him have done more harm than good to humanity and the earth as a whole.

It wasn’t until I began to study massage therapy and energy work that I began to notice similarities between some aspects of Jesus Christ and myself. Around the time that Jesus was killed he was much like I am today. A young man in his early 30s with the ability to help people feel better by using his hands and his words. Now days I believe more in Jesus than ever did before, but I do not see him as the only son of God who I must worship to attain salvation. Instead, I remember him as a fellow brother who was loved by his parents and his peers. A man who went on a journey to become the best person he could be.

I know there are many people in the world who compare themselves to Jesus, some even say that they are his reincarnation. I do not believe anyone can be Jesus, but I do believe that we can all embody him and his qualities by embodying his love, values, skills, talents and wisdom. Some people refer to this as Christ Consciousness, which is that aspect of consciousness and being that we can all attune to with practice and time. There are people who also talk about Buddha Consciousness or Krishna Consciousness, to me it is all the same and I know there are many people who agree.

As I understand, the bible does not account for 18 years of Jesus life, people call these “the lost years of Jesus Christ” and there are dozens, if not hundreds of books written with theories about where he went and what he did during that long period of his life. I like the idea that he went to India and China, that he traveled the world in search of wisdom. I like the idea that it was his search for truth, his desire to know God and to be a good human that made him the man he became. I do not like the idea that he was the only son of God, or the only divine being because I believe that we are all divine beings. The difference is in how far each of us is in our own path towards personal development and achieving our greatest potential. It is clear that Jesus got very far and that he did much good. I don’t believe he was perfect and I am sure he didn’t think so either, this is why I believe he went in search for people wiser than him.

Just like Jesus, I also left my home around the same age and have since been traveling the world in search for education and opportunities. I also dedicate my life to finding God, truth and wisdom. I spend every day working on myself, increasing my ability to love unconditionally and developing my talents and skills as a healer, massage therapist and body-worker. I have helped many sick people feel better and I know I have more work to do and that my skills will continue to flourish. I may never be as good as Jesus was and I may never be remembered like he is. Nonetheless, I know that he and I are the same because we come from the same source. I respect him because I know he would respect me and I know that he would see me as an equal just like I see him.

Throughout my life I have seen and heard people praying to Jesus or Gods who may not be there. Asking them for salvation, peace, love, fortune and all sorts of things. People say that we must have faith in him. They say that if we ask he will give us what we want and need, as long as we have faith and are devoted to him.

On the other hand, I prefer to pray to myself and ask to myself because I know that I am always listening and I know that I can give myself what I want and what I need. If I am going to go through the effort and the risk of putting faith on something or someone then I choose to put faith on myself because I know I can count on me. I know that I love myself and that I trust myself and that I will always do what is on my best interest. If I ever pray to a God or a deity other than me it is because I am aware that I am asking to that part of the universe that is within me. I understand that the whole world resides within me and that all things are a reflection of myself.

I love Jesus and I love Buddha and I love every single God, deity, guru and image that helps people to become better human beings. If the scriptures you read and the prayers you make help you be a better person then I support you and encourage you to continue. I will not tell you what to do and what to believe in and I will only give you advice when you ask and with your permission. I also understand that I am human and that I make mistakes and that from these mistakes I grow and become better. If I sin then I ask myself for forgiveness. If I make a mistake I ask myself for forgiveness. If I judge I look within myself and see that whatever I am judging is also an aspect of myself, and I forgive who I am judging as I would forgive myself. We are all learning.

All of us are in this together. We are all divine, all capable of making miracles for ourselves and others. I believe that the greatest God of them all is the One which rises from us coming together in community with our fellow human beings. It is the love for each other that will elevate our world and our souls. It is our love for each other that will heal us and bring us peace and joy. May we learn from each other and from ourselves, may we learn to live together in harmony, may we get to understand each other and support each other.

Next time you want something, next time you need something you can ask Jesus, or Buddha or God herself. You can also ask your fellow brothers and sisters, your mother, your father, the elders who walk the earth, the children that grow and play. You can ask me. We may not be able to deliver but I hope we will listen and try to help you. I hope you will be able to see the love in our eyes and our desire to help you feel good and better. Hopefully we will see you as a reflection of ourselves and we will see in your request an opportunity to love and practice love. By helping you we will be helping ourselves and we will be helping each other and the whole world.

We are all connected, there is no question about that. Directly or indirectly, sooner or later, the effects of our actions come back to us, in this life or the next. So please, please ask, because when you ask for what you want and need you give all of us an opportunity to improve, to feel good and feel better. Ask and you shall receive, but before you ask anyone, remember to ask yourself first. You are the closest connection to yourself, you have the greatest power to change your life. You are that you are. So Be It.

I hope this article was useful to you and I hope you enjoyed the reading. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me anytime. I wish you love, health and well-being.


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