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Updates for 2017

This is an extension to my "About"page. The purpose of this page is to give you a summary of what I have experienced over the past few years and how that has expanded my abilities and goals.

The year 2016 brought with it huge waves of transformation, that took me from California, to Colorado and eventually to Hawaii. In that process I learned much about health, fitness, nutrition, sustainability and community.

Most importantly, my practice is now expanding to include all living beings, including mother earth. I worked in a handful of organic farms and intentional communities and I also started several new projects, including the Fruitarian Bodybuilder project and Yoga in Boulder Magazine.

I am currently working diligently to ground my experience in Oneness to better serve myself and others. All earnings through my practice go directly towards creating a healthier, cleaner, kinder world for every living being.

For more information on my health, permaculutre and eco-village projects CONTACT ME.

Bruno Treves

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