Is Astrology Real?

I found value in astrology, both western and eastern. I also find value in Mayan, Celtic and Toltec astrology and many other systems of divination as well. Like everything else, much depends on how it is delivered, by who, when, where and why. During a reading, I have noticed that there are too different types of information I can receive, negative or positive. Regardless of their accuracy, they can both be helpful. Positive information can bring feelings of wellbeing, empowerment, excitement, courage and other positive experiences. Negative information can awaken hidden aspects of our selves, help us see our blind spots and prepare us for difficult encounters, even if the information is false. They both also have the ability to have a negative effect on us, just like every other piece of information that we receive through any messaging medium.

I have found that astrology can be used for healing, in a way it works like t