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10 Reasons Why I Offer Donation Based Bodywork, Healing and Coaching

Offering Donation-Based Bodywork has been a dream of mine for the past five years. I am glad that I finally get to do it. It just feels right. I had to overcome some fears during this process, but now that I am on the other side I can see myself more complete and empowered than before.

Bellow are the top 10 reasons why I chose to offer Donation-Based Bodywork. If you want to take advantage of this offer just contact me so we can schedule a session for you.

1. Make it Accessible to Those Who Can’t Afford It

This is a no brainer. Right now the average massage costs over $60 an hour. Personal training sessions range around the same price. Other forms of healing, like physical therapy and chiropractic sessions are even more expensive and medical doctors are in a whole other luxurious dimension.

Too many people need health care and can’t afford it. There are practitioners out there charging $100 for an hour of Reiki. That just doesn’t sound right. If a sick person has to pay $100 for a treatment they might as well spend all that in drugs, alcohol, food and entertainment. It won’t fix their disease but it will successfully hide it for a much lower price.

We need to make health care affordable for everyone, there is too much healing needed in the world.

2. Invite People to Give Freely From Their Heart

By giving my sessions away for free, based on my own donation of time, talent, skill and presence to the community, I am inviting other people to do the same. By not charging a set price for my services I am literary giving them away for free. Whatever people want to donate is a separate transaction.

I do not see this as a sale, trade or exchange. I see it as an opportunity for me to gift to you and for you to gift to me. I invite people to offer a monetary contribution, this is a hope, not an expectation or requirement. My practice is about giving freely from my heart without needing anything in return. I invite all of you to do the same. Give freely from your heart.

3. Allows me to Share my Gift Freely without Letting Money be a Limitation

Over the past 5+ years I have been offering healing, teaching and coaching services related to health, fitness and wellbeing. During this time I’ve had hundreds of clients and they have all benefited from my time, presence, talent and skill. Sometimes I charged $20 for an hour and other times I charged $100. Getting paid has allowed me to continue to study, learn and develop my skill to become even better.

On the other hand, having set prices has kept people from working with me. It is likely that more than half the people who chose not to work with me during these five years based their decision on the cost of the session.

I am sure some of them simply didn’t vibe with me, others may have not had the time to do the work and others may have thought they did not need the work. There is no problem with that. The problem I have is with the hundreds of people who could have receive healing, training and coaching but didn’t because of a monetary constrain. Maybe $60 was too much but $40 felt right. I think we all lose there.

4. It Grounds my Practice on Selfless Service

My favorite approach to yoga is called Bhakti. Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of the heart. It is often translated as devotional yoga and it work by realizing that all is one, praising the one and acting accordingly.

Within the practice of Bhakti Yoga there are several sub-practices. One of them is called Karma Yoga and it is the yoga of action. We also have the practice of Seva, which translates to selfless service.

When we practice Karma Yoga and Seva we give selflessly, without needing anything in return. This is our practice of devotion, a practice of loving the divine in anything and everything while listening to our hearts and giving from that place.

A donation-based practice allows me to give selflessly, fulfilling my intention to love unconditionally and give without needing anything in return. At the beginning there is always the presence of a strong ego that fears it won’t have enough, or be able to live the luxurious life it dreamed for itself. Eventually, these ego dissolves and non-dual awareness settles in. I believe there will be a point where I will give myself freely to the world, without any needs or even hopes for getting anything in return. I hope one day we can all operate from that place.

5. It Grounds my Mentality into one of Abundance

Most of us where raised by parents who were concerned with money. That is because we live in a society that is very much concerned with money. Lots of people are never satisfied, they always need more, this is why consumerism has been so successful for all of our lives.

Most people work for money, they dedicate 8+ hours of each day to working. The rest of the time they are likely to spend their time and money consuming food, entertainment, alcohol, drugs…

The truth is that we don’t really need that much. We don’t need as much food, clothing and all those luxuries we spend our cash on. What we truly need, more than anything, is to love and be love. We need to express ourselves and get our deeper needs met. We need to be healthy and feel alive, we need human touch, we need to live on purpose, that is true wealth.

The only reason why people charge for they services is because they don’t have enough. The only reason why people raise their prices is because they want more. This comes from a mentally rooted in lack.

I want to operate from a mentality rooted in abundance. I want to believe and act as if my power is unlimited. I want to live a life that shows I can give freely, from my heart, and never get drained. I want to give endlessly and abundantly while I know that what I receive in exchange is more than enough. Knowing that the universe provides with everything I need.

I also want others to experience this. I invite them all to give abundantly to me and everyone else. I want people to share their wealth and share their gifts freely, knowing that the universe will repay us tenfold.

6. It Teaches Me the World that it is Possible to Give without Asking in Return

No one likes to be called “stingy”. Truth is we are all quite stingy. How often do we feed the hungry and clothe the poor? How often do we offer a helping hand without making any request or expecting retribution? For most people the answer is never.

I certainly give without expecting retribution, but I don’t do it nearly as much as I believe I should. I believe we all should be always giving freely. This doesn’t mean that the hungry and poor should not give as well. We can all give without asking a reward and we should all live this way. At least, if we want to experience heaven on earth.

The sun never asks for anything in return, and there are few beings who are loved as much as the sun. Isn’t that a clue pointing in the right direction?

7. It Takes Everyone One Step Closer to Manifesting a World where we all give freely

Very few people give freely without requests. Donation-based bodywork is almost unheard of. The reasons are clear, and clear is also that we must evolve from this way of living.

I dream of a world where resources are distributed fairly and efficiently across all living beings. I dream of a world where everyone’s needs are taken care of, a world where money is not a requirement because everyone gives from their heart.

We may live in a time where donation-based services are rare and discouraged. Donation-based goods are also unheard of. Pay what feels right for a Tesla is something we are not likely to see soon. However, the more we offer donation-based goods and services the closer we get to manifest a world where this is the norm.

I don’t know another way to make this possible and even though I may not live to see this new wave, I want my children and their children to have a chance. The choice always lives in the now.

8. It Helps Balance Income Inequality and Re-Distributes Wealth

Needless to say, I don’t trust our current government and collective social mindset to do much to improve income inequality. This is why I am taking matters into my own hands by offering donation based bodywork.

With this approach, those who can pay more will hopefully do so and those who have to pay less will pay what they can afford, knowing that those with more privileged incomes are making up for the difference. This approach allows everyone to get the benefits they need and give as much as they can.

9. It makes it Infinitely Easier for Me to Do What I Love

I love healing, teaching and coaching, it is what I do best and love to do it often. By taking the price tag off my services I have an infinitely easier time connecting with people with whom I can work with.

Price tags are a huge limiting factor on what people can enjoy in life. It limits both the giver and the receiver. My goals are freedom, peace, joy and health. Wealth is nice too, but I value more the wealth of my heart than the wealth in my pockets.

In other words, I rather do what I love for free than not do it at all. I rather do what I love as much as possible and for little pay than do it sporadically for a lot of money. The middle way is always best.

10. It Grounds me into a Mentality of Oneness

The main reason why I offer my services in exchange for donations is because it grounds me on the realization that we are all one.

Of course there are many ways to deal with this truth and many conclusion can be drawn from it.

For me, oneness means that I am you and you are me, and at the same time, we are separate beings, just like each cell in our body is an individual cell and also part of a whole organ and a whole organism.

The cells from our bodies are constantly exchanging information, goods and services with each other. They are in constant communication for the entire organism to function properly. If every one of those cells decided to “get one up” on the whole, the entire system would collapse.

This is the result we see in our global society, competition and withholding slow down progress and create lack across the entire eco-system. My goal is to turn this picture upside down, to give freely, for the benefit of all, trusting that all will give freely for the benefit of each individual, including myself.

If you want to take advantage of this offer just contact me so we can schedule a session for you.

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