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Life as the Most Evolved Being in the World

It is not easy to be the most evolved being in the world.

This is a place only a few have experienced.

Riding the edge of evolution feels like being on the very top of a wave a billion times taller than Mt. Everest while moving at the speed of sound.

The only way to live here is to be present in this very moment. The now is always the out-most exterior and it can only be experienced inside.

We can all reach this point, quickly, simply by realizing the most obvious truth.

What Is the Truth???

To be the most evolved being in the world you simply need to be.

That is it.

Being here now is proof that YOU are the most evolved being in the world.

YOU, who, presumably, comes from the merging of you mother of father, referring to your parents, as well as the

merging of your mother earth and your father sky, your ying and yang are the ying and yang of the universe. We can be all One.

Evolutionary Theories

The most widely accepted evolutionary theories about humans and the universe show a transition in time from past to present.

That means that all the beings living in the present moment are at the top, or furthest most point, in that chain of evolutionary changes.

It doesn’t matter where you live, what your lifestyle is, what you own or how you think.

Nothing that you do and nothing that happens to you is relevant when it comes to knowing your evolutionary level.

The only thing that counts is being conscious of your own existence in this present moment and realizing that, if time is real, then you are breathing at the edge of time.

Breathing at the Edge of Time

Notice your breath. It happens without your awareness.

Look around, everything is there, the whole universe, all around.

Keep noticing your breath. Try breathing deeper, longer and fuller.

Notice this moment and spread your understanding of time across the universe that surrounds you.

Everything is right here, with you, right now.

Everything is breathing with you.

Living, moving forward in time, evolving.

The Complexity of Evolution Non-Linear and Non-Dual Evolution

“Evolution” is a word with many definitions and synonyms. In essence it means to develop from simple to complex.

It can also mean to develop, progress, advance, mature, grow, expand, spread, alter, change, transform and adapt.

Sometimes people think that something more evolved is better. This is not necessarily the case.

Think of movie sequels.

Think about doing your taxes and going through airport security lines.

Sometimes it is best to move back towards simplicity.

Think about Apples approach to design. Think about the minimalistic movement.

Evolution can be seen as non-linear, meaning that the present is not necessarily better than the past.

Every moment is equally important when it comes to the big picture. The present can only exist because of the past.

We are all evolving at the same time, right now, and we are all here, right now, at the edge.

evolutionary theories

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