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9 Daily Health Practices for January 2015

In a time when everyone is setting their new year’s resolutions I want to set mine too.

My goal is to do each of the following practices for at least 20 minutes a day during the next month. They all can provide great benefits when done regularly and they all can be life changers. I will keep track of my progress and experience and share the results with you. I encourage you to try some as well.

I have experienced the powerful effects of a daily self-care practice and I am excited to see what a holistic routine like this one can do in a month. I don’t expect to complete all these assignments every day but I believe in the importance of setting goals. Shoot for the stars and you may hit the moon. :)

My 9 Daily Practices for January 2015 are:

1. Foundation Training

This is the most effective way I know to improve posture and relieve chronic pain. These are specifically great excercises for lower back pain. I have been practicing and teaching Foundation Training for the last two years and it has trully been a life changing experience. If you are in Santa Barbara you are welcome to join my Foundation Training classes. A big THANK YOU to my friend Dr. Eric Goodman for teaching me the details of this beautiful practice.

2. Qi Gong

An approach to self-care similar to that of many yoga practices. Qi Gong is practiced daily by thousands of people who enjoy the vast benefits of slow, mindful movements and breathe control. A great approach to getting in tune with our energetic field and the center of our being.

3. Self-Massage

Here is another practice with multiple health benefits. Some of my favorite techniques with self-massage applications include Tuina and Chi Nei Tsang. Try them out, you will be happily surprised.

4. Breath Work (Pranayama)

A personal favorite to calm the mind, reduce anxiety and increase energy levels. The breath is a constant that we can always work with. Another practice with hundreds of different approaches. Find the one that works for you.

5. Meditation

My favorite approaches to meditation are via the use of a mantras or by focusing on the idea of emptiness (a time tested Zen and Daoist approach that works well for me). Meditation can be challenging at first but with time it becomes quite enjoyable.

6. Yoga

An ancient practice with hundreds of health benefits. Yoga has become extremely popular in the United States with a growing number of different schools, studios and teachers. Try them out and choose the ones that fit you best.

7. Walk or Run

A practice as ancient as human beings. It can be done almost anytime, anywhere. It is important to keep a mindful posture and use proper movement patterns when walking and running to avoid the negative effects of wear and tear. Turn your toes slightly in, lift your knees up and use your arms to move as well.

8. Sing or Draw

A couple human past times that most of us seem to walk away from as we grow older. None the less, these are excellent ways to exercise and express our creativity and unplug from our hectic lives.

9. Journal or Write

These are excellent ways to process our daily experiences. Whatever it is, get it off your head and write it down. You may choose to share it or not, that is up to you.

These are nine things one can do to become healthier and feel more balanced, peaceful, and joyful. There are thousands of practices that you can benefit from, some are better than others, these are simply the ones I have found the most effective and enjoyable for me.

I will be sharing more information about each of these self-care health techniques in the near future. I will also include information about other techniques, tools and practices that you can use to improve your health and well-being. Much more coming soon!

I am not concerned with failing to accomplish all these practices every single day. I tend to have high expectations and I know the importance of self-acceptance, kindness and flexibility. If I do all of them, great, if not, then I can try again tomorrow or the next day. This is certainly healthier than the all-or-nothing approach. We will see how we do on Day 1.

The question for me is if I can do it, the question for you is if you can do it. Going into 2015, I encourage you to try some of these or any other self-care practice that you find beneficial. Feel free to share your experiences so that we can all support each other in our efforts to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Wishing You a Happy & Healthy New Year!

- Bruno Treves

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