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Reiki Healing Therapy and Treatments in Boulder Colorado

Hello, my name is Bruno Treves and I am a Reiki Level 2 practitioner. I have been practicing Reiki for the past four years with plenty of success helping clients reduce their pain, relieve their stress, and improve their overall health. A month ago I moved to Boulder Colorado and I am now opening my Reiki healing practice in town. I am also a certified massage therapist, holistic health coach, Foundation Training instructor and medical qigong practitioner with over 2,000 hours of training. To schedule a Reiki healing session you can contact me via phone or email.

Reiki Massage Healing Therapy Treatment in Boulder Colorado

Receiving My First Reiki Healing Attunement

I began to study and practice Reiki at the beginning of 2012. I received my first Reiki Attunement for Level I around the same time that I was finishing my second 200 hour yoga teacher training. By then, I was already teaching yoga and also Foundation Training. I was immersed in the healing world and I was looking for more ways of helping people feel better.

I remember spending a lot of time searching for the best Reiki Master in town. I wanted to make sure that I was going to get real Reiki education. After researching over a dozen teachers I decided to meet with Debra Gangale, a Reiki Master and homeopath living in Santa Monica, California. I am certain that getting my first Reiki attunement from her was the right choice.

Her prices were much higher than other practitioners, which to me was a good sign. However, the main benefit that stood out was that her Level 1 attunement was performed through a one-on-one class that lasted three weeks. This provided so much more personal instruction than the common group attunements that are offered through a one day workshop. At best, most of the Reiki Level 1 attunements that I have seen are done in a single day and last a handful of hours. This is way off in comparison to the yearlong trainings that are traditionally held in Japan.

Debra Gangale’s training was clearly different and I know that I received exactly what I needed to begin my Reiki healing practice. One thing I will never forget from my training with her is how full the air felt every time I visited her studio. It felt like the whole space was densely packed with subtle energy. Sometimes the feeling would be so intense that I would get the feeling that the three dimensional space was folding into two, as if everything in the room was merging into oneness. I could also notice how my senses and awareness would sharpen, and I felt much more awake than usual, in a state of constant attention.

Becoming a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner

Following my training I began to practice Reiki, first on myself and then on other people. The first thing I noticed was that my hands would heat up every time I would do my invocations. I could feel them vibrate as I placed them over the body. According to my teacher, this was the Reiki energy flowing through me and into my hands.

All subtle sensation that I felt during my Reiki sessions where soothing comforting. They allowed me to relax and tune into the sensations of the present moment. I understood that practicing Reiki is very similar to practicing meditation. It helps clear the mind and bring it to a point of quiet stillness.

After six months of practicing Reiki on myself I began to offer free Reiki sessions to my friends and family members. It was fun and interesting to notice how my hands would heat up as I placed them over their bodies, they too could feel it. As I practiced Reiki with others I would feel the same comfort and relaxation that I felt when I practiced on myself. Sometime it would feel as if I was actually practicing on myself.

One of the most impressive experiences I had was with a friend of mine who has been practicing meditation for many years. I had gone to his house to visit him and while we were there we decided to spend some time on silence. He sat in the floor to meditate and I laid next to me and began to do Reiki on myself. We probably spent an hour in silence. When we began to speak again he shared his experience with me. He said he had never been able to drop in such a deep state of meditation, according to him, the fact that I was practicing Reiki next to him had allowed him to connect faster and deeper with himself.

Since then I have had multiple experiences like this one, by myself and with others. All my experiences offering Reiki healing have been positive and the people I have worked with have given my amazing feedback. This is the reason why I have continued to study this type of energy work and complement my skills with other techniques.

Receiving My Reiki Level 2 Attunement

After practicing Reiki for two years I decided I was ready for my Reiki Level 2 attunement. I looked for a Reiki Master in Santa Barbara and once again I took the time to find the best option for me.

After a long search and much consideration, I decided to contact Dr. Maria Marotti. Dr. Marotti, an author and retired college teacher from the University of California in Santa Barbara and the University of Rome in Italy. Dr. Marotti had a lengthy education in Reiki, transpersonal psychology, altered states of consciousness and holistic health. Her studies included several years of work with some of the best people in the field. As a Reiki Master, she has worked with cancer patients and brain damage victims, among others.

The first part of my training with Dr. Marotti focused on a review of Reiki, its history, lineage and applications. The second part of the training focused on the three main Reiki symbols, their names, pronunciation, meaning, uses and applications during a Reiki session. These are Choku Rei (the power symbol), Sei He Ki (the mental/emotional health symbol) and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (the symbol used for distance healing).

These Reiki symbols are considered holy and are supposed to be used only by Reiki Masters and people who have received a Reiki Level 2 attunement. However, the Reiki symbols are widely available in books and online.

Most practitioners who come from Dr. Usui’s Reiki lineage agree that it is imperative to receive the attunements, symbols and information from a certified Reiki Master. In fact, there has been research performed to measure the difference between the Reiki healing abilities of people who received attunements and those who did not. The research showed that the use of the Reiki symbols by people that have not received a Reiki attunement show no results compared to the use of the symbols by Reiki Level 2 practitioners and Reiki Masters.

The last part of the training included the attunement itself, this is the ceremony when the Reiki Master passes on the symbols to the student, with this comes the ability to perform Reiki Level 2 healing sessions.

Practicing Reiki Distance Healing and Healing with Symbols

One of the main components of the Reiki Level 2 attunement is the ability to perform Reiki healing at a distance. Distance Reiki healing, also known as “remote healing”, is the act of sending healing energy across time and space. The first time I heard about this I thought it was a lie, but after experiencing it for myself, I now believe that it is possible.

There are thousands of books that explain how this is possible. To understand the theory we simply needs to look into these books (or online articles) and read about the teachings of those who have studied this in depth. The education available ranges from old scriptures from ancient mystery schools across the world, to the most recent discoveries in modern science. In short, all these sources agree on the same thing: With the proper tools, training and intention we can affect our present, past, future and those of everyone else in this world.

It took me a while to believe that distance healing with Reiki was possible. I pride myself of being a big time skeptic and I tend to look for the weak points in every theory, especially when it comes to truth and healing.

Proof That Distance Reiki Healing Works

The biggest proof I have that distance healing works and that I am able to perform it came through the feedback I received from a friend of mine whom I was talking to over the phone a couple of months ago. At the time of our conversation, my friend was pregnant with her first baby and she did not know that I had done any Reiki training or attunements.

Halfway through our conversation, I placed my hands on my belly and began to draw the Reiki symbols in my mind with the intention of sending reiki energy to my friend and her baby. After 15 seconds of doing this she asked “Are you doing Reiki on me? I can totally feel it!”

I was absolutely surprised, I could not explain how she had been able to feel it. I also had no idea how she even knew that what she had felt was Reiki energy, like I said before, she did not know that I practiced Reiki. Since then, I have been confident in my ability to perform distance healing. In fact, it has been one of my areas of focus since I moved to Boulder, Colorado.

My Reiki Healing Therapy Practice in Boulder

It has now been more than three years since I received my first Reiki attunement. During these years I have been able to offer Reiki to hundreds of people, receiving beautiful feedback on the effect that this sessions have had on the people I have worked on.

In the meantime, I have also studied massage therapy, medical qigong, and other forms of energy healing that have increased my abilities to channel good energies through my hands and intentions.

Now that I live in Boulder, I look forward to sharing the beautiful practice of Reiki with those who wish to receive it. I also look forward to continue my Reiki education by meeting a Reiki Master to study with. Eventually, I plan on offering attunements to new practitioners who wish to share the gift of healing with others.

Experience Reiki Healing Therapy in Boulder or Abroad

If you would like to receive person and remote Reiki healing sessions. Whether you are in Boulder, or elsewhere in the world, I know it will be an honor to work with you. To schedule a session simply contact me via phone or email.

If you want to learn more about Reiki I recommend you look into some Reiki books. The best Reiki book I recommend is The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mitako Usui. This is by far the best resource on Reiki I have found so far. It is also one of the most affordable, costing less than $10.

I wish you health and wellness.

Reiki Energy Healing Therapy Treatment Boulder Colorado

Bruno Treves Reiki Massage Energy Healing Therapy Treatment Practitioner Boulder Colorado

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