Be Seen

Why don’t you want me to see you? What are you afraid to say? Who said to keep yourself quiet? When you really want to yell. What magic, what power, what secrets Rest within your Center? Please show me the doorway to Heaven And I will be sure to enter. I have lied, I have stolen, I have sinned I have done much more to regret. I did drink, I did smoke, I did bet None of them have helped me forget. That I am lonely and there is no escaping That I am one step from falling again That I live with no purpose, no meaning And no comfort to cure all this pain There is light, there is darkness and nothing There is room for The All and much more There are shortcuts that takes us to rapture If we get down and just touch the floor There are moments filled up with desire There are lovers that wish to connect It’s the art of blending water with fire It’s The Zero that needs to reset.

- Bruno Treves