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Sinful Meditation

Please grant me gratitude I want to fill the joy don't let it be an effort to dwell within the void. Fun should not start with pain and pleasure should be pure no second of arduous practice I should be sent to endure. If happiness is my right and this life is made of flow the cycles of life and death will come and I will go. Spare my soul and leave me alone with my distress I rather keep my will free than work for what is rest. - Bruno Treves

Bruno Treves is an artist, writer and poet. In his spare time he enjoys writing short poems about love, life, death and his relationship with the universe. His poetry combines simple words with a flexible style that focuses on expressing his truth, passion and wisdom. He considers his poems to be romantic and inspirational and his style similar to that of famous poets such as Rumi, Hafiz and Lao Tzu.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to add them bellow, your best compliments and your worst critiques are all welcome. Thank you :)

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