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Shamans and Whales - The Story of Our World

This poem came to me like a lightning bolt.

It was finished in no-time, as if it was meant to be written and shared with the world.

Enjoy :)

Shamans and Whales

In the beginning all was water and the Earth was much flatter. She was his sister, her father, his daughter. He was ice that could not be hotter. She was God disguised as hard matter.

Like a tiny drop, above and on top. There was this spot: An infinite dot.

The sky was all water and the fire was too. Clouds and oceans rained the same color blue.

There was only one or zero and two. There was only you, only you.

One day Love came along. Spread the water tall and long. She blessed it with life, He blessed it with death. They stayed together and both of them left.

The water transformed, moving higher than higher. Some became lighter, then light and were gone. Some became dense, heavier than gold. The water died young, and old was reborn.

Some fell in love, with themselves and each other. Some fell in fear, afraid of the unknown. Some searched for help, in another’s reflection. They just needed attention, to live in the zone.

They needed their song, and someone to play their tune. The sun, the moon, a bowl and a spoon.


- Bruno Treves

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