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The Universal Accessory to an Active Life

Foundation Training is called “the universal accessory to an active lifestyle”. It allows you to do whatever you love to do, better. By teaching your body how to support itself and move better it allows every movement to become more efficient, graceful and effortless. From playing golf to moving furniture, Foundation Training can save you from injuries and allow you to enjoy the things to love without pain. Many people’s lives have improved with this incredible program.

The Foundation Training promotes a fit and active lifestyle without the need for complicated exercises or machines. The program takes away all unnecessary components to training and relies simply on you and your body. Foundation Training is composed of some of the best body-weight exercises you can do and it relies on nothing else than movement and breathing. This exercises are low impact and can vary from low intensity to high intensity, depending on the level of training you are looking for.

Through a series of postures, poses, and movements, Foundation Training activates your posterior, anterior and lateral muscle chain and teaches your body how to support itself without placing unnecessary weight on your joints. The exercises force you to keep most of the weight on your muscles, where it belongs allowing them to function normally again. One of the extra benefits of practicing Foundation Training is that, as your posture and movements become better, so does the function of your internal organs such as your heart, lungs and brain.

If you want private one-on-one instruction visit our Foundation Training Online page.

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