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Foundation Training in Boulder Colorado - Exercises for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation

What is Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is an exercise and movement program develop by Dr. Eric Goodman, a chiropractor and personal trainer with vast experience working with top level athletes and advanced spinal injuries. Dr. Goodman began to develop Foundation Training while he was in chiropractic school. Using new principles and exercises as a treatment to cure his own lower back pain. At the time, Eric had major deterioration of his lower spine. He had lost most of the space between a couple of discs in his lumbar spine due to extreme wear and tear from years of heavy weight lifting and intense training.

With the Foundation Training exercises Dr. Goodman was able to relieve his lower back pain and avoid getting surgery. More importantly, he created a program of bodyweight exercises that helps people improve their posture and move more naturally, not only reducing back pain but dozens of other chronic pains and conditions. The following video defines Foundation Training.

How Do The Foundation Training Exercises Work?

The Foundation Training program teaches you how to hold more dynamic and natural postures throughout your day. This allows your body to create better movements in every activity you perform, including exercise, sports, work and other activities of daily life such as running errands, cooking, cleaning, taking care of your children and more. If an activity involves movement then Foundation Training can help you perform it better by improving the way you move your body.

Foundation Training can also help you improve your performance on activities that involve sitting. Sitting is one of the most detrimental positions your body can be in. Unfortunately it is one of the most commonly used. The truth is that we spend most of our days and most of our life sitting. This causes some essential muscles to become chronically short and tight, preventing our bodies from moving correctly when we are standing.

In the long run, poor posture and improper movement patterns create wear and tear, deterioration and atrophy of key muscles and joints, forcing thousands of people to suffer from acute and chronic pain, missed days of work and the inability to perform their favorite actives. At the end of the day, many people are forced to use surgery as a treatment to reduce their pain and improve their range of motion. Sometimes these surgeries succeed in getting rid of the pain and gaining more range of movement and other times they don’t. Surgeries tend to be expensive, which is one of the main reasons why people avoid them, but they are also some of the most invasive forms of medicine. It is clear that in some cases surgeries can save people from much suffering and that they are the best aid in extreme cases. Many people can surely testify this. Yet many more should know that by taking early care of your body you can avoid pain and injury over both, the short and the long run.

Foundation Training is an example of how we can take care of our bodies and reduce our pain. Some people have had immediate results with it and others have felt better over time. Lots of people who practice it regularly swear it has brought them the relief and freedom they had been looking for.

Our modern society has seen a clear trend on the deterioration of the human body throughout the last years and many agree that this is to do with the large amount of time we spend sitting. This clearly causes issues over time. Foundation Training can help you slow down this unnatural process. The exercises will help you avoid injury by improving and strengthening your every movement. They will not only help you avoid pain while sitting but also standing and moving around. Any activity you perform will become a workout when you apply the Foundation Training principles into your life, including sitting. The key is to practice the exercises regularly so that we can stretch those short muscles, strengthen the ones that are weak and return to our natural movement patterns which are only possible when our bodies move correctly and consciously. By practicing Foundation Training we are practicing proper posture and proper movement which are then learned and repeated unconsciously. This is a process that involves learning and practicing new patterns. It can take some time and effort, but we are better off in the long run.