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Foundation Training Review, a New Take

When I first learned about Foundation Training, I was in my San Diego apartment, reading an email from a family friend. She was a colleague of my mother who had completed the Foundation Training Certification and suggested the program as a solution to my chronic lower back pain. At the time, my low back pain was consistent on a daily basis, and most noticeable when attempted to sit down to meditate. The discomfort extended from my lower back up to my neck and shoulders, it was excruciating. I wrote this Foundation Training review to share my story.

Failed Attempts

After trying to alleviate my back pain by seeing a chiropractor, I discovered that the pain relief provided by their adjustments would only last a few fleeting moments. Every time I visited, the chiropractor would adjust my spine and I would feel better momentarily, but the pain would return as soon as I got back in my car. I often asked my chiropractor for advice on how to improve my posture and alleviate my chronic pain. In response, he provided me with a single-page printout containing some rudimentary back stretches, which unfortunately proved to be of little assistance. I still had terrible posture and unrelenting pain. It appeared to me that the chiropractor was more interested in me paying for twice-weekly visits than in my actual health. Instead of seeing yet another chiropractor, I was fortunate enough to discover a more effective solution in Foundation Training.

A New Hope

My initial exposure to Foundation Training was through a YouTube video featuring Dr. Eric Goodman. In the video, Dr. Goodman elucidated the main culprits behind back pain, poor posture, and flawed movement patterns. I was captivated by his presentation, which made it clear that I had been sitting, standing, and moving incorrectly my entire life.

To overcome the recurring patterns causing my lower back pain, the solution was straightforward: adopt new postures and movement patterns through consistent practice of the Foundation Training exercises. My conviction in the effectiveness of this approach was so strong that I opted not to purchase the Foundation Training Book or DVD. Instead, I enrolled in the Foundation Training Certification program, recognizing the importance of learning the techniques from scratch. By doing so, I aimed to master the fundamentals and attain optimal results.

The Foundation Training certification was a four day intensive training program taught in Santa Barbara, California, with Dr. Eric Goodman and his team of master instructors. I enrolled in the program with the goal of mastering the Foundation Training exercises and learning the correct techniques. As soon as the certification began, I noticed an innate desire within me to teach Foundation Training classes, and collaborate with the team. This inexplicable feeling further propelled me towards completing countless certification, establishing a long-term friendship with Dr. Eric Goodman, and becoming part of the Foundation Training organization.

Foundation Training Boulder Dr. Eric Goodman Review DVD Book

The Foundation Training Book and DVD

With two weeks left before my scheduled attendance at the Foundation Training certification program in Santa Barbara, I made a decision to purchase the Foundation Training book and DVD. It dawned on me that participating in an intensive training regimen without any prior knowledge of the basic Foundation Training exercises would be unwise. Hence, I took the initiative to equip myself with the foundational knowledge to better prepare myself for the upcoming program.

Upon receiving the Foundation Training Book and DVD, I delved into its contents with utmost diligence, swallowing every page and practicing the exercises demonstrated in the accompanying videos. Intrigued by the potential benefits of the program, my father, who had been battling lower back pain for over three decades, also expressed interest in trying out the exercises. At the time, he was grappling with the effects of a couple of herniated disks in his lower back and would often experience excruciating bouts of pain that would leave him incapacitated for hours on end.

The sensation that lingered with me after practicing the Foundation Training exercises during those initial two weeks will forever be etched in my memory. My lower back experienced a fiery sensation that, oddly enough, felt invigorating. I recall feeling much stronger after just the first week of consistent practice. The exercises not only provided me with physical support but also boosted my confidence levels. It was an interesting amalgamation of effects that I had never experienced before.