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Free Massage, Free Classes, Free Hiking and More!- Day 13

On the last day of 2014 I decided to do nine different self-care health practices every day for at least 20 minutes during January 2015. After a handful of rough days I got myself back on track, the last couple of days went by quite smoothly.

Today was an eventful day. The first practice of the day was Qi Gong. After that I with my friend Brook who gave me a foot massage session supervised by the legendary John Harris, one of the many awesome teachers who have taught at the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute. John is also the author of "Fix Pain: Bodywork Protocols for Myofascial Pain Syndromes".


It was my first time receiving a foot massage. It was certainly different than anything I had experienced thus far, still enjoyable and effective. I had a great time.

After that I went to Divinitree Yoga Studio to teach a free Foundation Training class. That was also an enjoyable experience. We are offering free classes at Divinitree this week as a way of giving back to the community. If you in Santa Barbara I strongly recommend that you join us. Here is the schedule for my group classes.

Around 4 p.m. I met with Brook again and we went on a two hour hike up some trail near the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens. We ran and skipped and made it all the way to the top just in time for a lovely sunset which I wish I could show you but had no phone with me.

I was happily surprised of the amount of energy I had all day, especially considering the little amount of food I ate all day. Some dates, bananas and a backed yam seemed to do the trick. I have been experimenting with a juicing and raw vegan diet and so far it has proven to be uplifting to say the least. I will keep you posted on more updates regarding that.

After dinner I spent some nice time doing some free writing which you can find on the Divino Bet Satori Facebook page. Yes, I am making you work for it. :)

Aside from that I spent some time doing some self-massage on my neck and shoulders to relieve some of the pain I have been feeling there lately. On one hand it seems to never go away and on the other I can tell it is certainly improving. Patience seems to be a must in the world of self-healing.

It is time for sleep now, it is way past my bed time (midnight Pacific Time). I may do some gentle breath work and/or meditation as I fall asleep. It may not sound very “fancy” but it is certainly effective.

Much more coming soon!

Thank you for reading,

- Bruno Treves

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