My 10,000th Day Alive

Today is the 10,000th day since the day I was born, back in May 4, 1988. I actually found out about this a handful weeks ago, interesting coincidence if you ask me. There may not be much significance to this achievement and not many people take it into consideration. Nonetheless, it is an achievement and it can be taken into consideration. There is much that comes with time and 10,000 days of life can’t be so easily disregarded.

There are people who like to talk about the “10,000 hours rule”. I believe this term was first used and explained in the book “Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell” (an excellent read). According to Gladwell, the key to mastering any art or skills is to practice correctly for a total of 10,000 hours. Considering there is 24 hours on a day we can deduct that I have been alive for more than 240,000 hours. If life is an art (which it is) and living is a practice (which it is) then I can say with confidence that I have mastered the art of living. If you are older than 27 and a half years you may be able to say so too.