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Teaching a Free Foundation Training Class in Boulder/Louisville, Colorado

I just finished teaching a free Foundation Training class at a yoga studio called Figure Yoga in Louisville, Colorado. It was my first time teaching Foundation Training since I moved out of Santa Barbra and I was certainly looking forward to it since I love teaching so much. The class was only thirty minutes long. It was a free demo with approximately ten students. Most of them had never done Foundation Training before. I began the class with a short verbal introduction and then went straight into teaching the exercises.

We started on the floor doing some gentle decompression breathing and then we moved on to an anchored bridge. My plan was to teach my students the basics of decompression breathing, anchoring and how to efficiently activate the muscles of the lower back. All of these are things that most people never do, unless they are reminded and told how to.

After fifteen minutes of warming up on the floor I asked everybody to stand up and we moved through some standing Foundation Training exercises. I had enough time to teach the Standing Decompression, Founder, Lunge Decompression and Woodpeckers. It was a quick class and I felt that thirty minutes was not nearly long enough to teach Foundation Training thoroughly but it was certainly enough to introduce people to the program and show them the effects of these exercises. During class, I made sure that everyone was doing the exercises safely and correctly and I also made sure that everybody was feeling the muscles functioning the way they are supposed to.

Those who attended seemed to enjoy the class. Many of the students were interested in coming for more Foundation Training classes. I gave out some of my business cards and encouraged people to contact me if they had any questions. I will be offering more regular Foundation Training classes soon. As of right now, I teach Foundation Training at Figure Yoga, every Monday from 9 am to 10 am.

I look forward to teaching more Foundation Training classes in Boulder, Louisville, Denver and some of the nearby cities. Eventually, I would like to teach classes around the world. I have been teaching Foundation Training for more than three years and I feel confident of my skills. I also look forward to learning more from Dr. Eric Goodman and continue to integrate this exercise program into my personal practice and the work that I do with other people.

I know that Foundation Training has amazing benefits for those who take the time to learn it and practice. It is an honor and pleasure to share this with others so they can benefit from it as much as I have. I look forward to writing more about Foundation Training to inform people about it and continue to share my experience. I believe more than some will be grateful or it.

Bruno Treves Foundation Training Exercises Dr. Eric Goodman

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