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Balancing Excitement with Discipline – Day 6

On December 31, 2014 I set the goal of doing my 9 Daily Health Practices every day during January 2015. Day 6 was an opportunity to balance excitement with discipline.

I started my morning with a gentle Qi Gong practice before teaching an online foundation training class with a client in Israel. Teaching online classes around the world has been a wonderful experience which I am very grateful for. I have been happily surprise at the results we have accomplished via the online work.

At noon I went to Divinitree Yoga Studio to teach my new Foundation Training group class. It was wonderful.

After class I met with my teacher, Jordan Terry to try some of his therapeutic work. He used a combination of neurological work, integrated cranial, neurokinetic therapy and PDTR (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex) to adjust some imbalances in my body. He was able to find that there is a connection between some tight muscles on my jaw with my neck and oblique muscles. The work he does is quite amazing and left me feeling lighter and happier than before. Thank you Jordan! :)

Then I went to the beach, ran and did some yoga. I picked up some fruits and veggies and met with my friend Joe to make some fresh organic juice with his new juice presser. We spent about three hours making and drinking different types of juices. We talked about healthy living and healthy habits and listened to a man called Dan McDonald talk about juice fasting and water fasting. Look at Joe's smile!

Joe Photography by Bruno Treves_edited_edited.JPG

We had so much fun that by the end of the night there was no more time to practice. I still managed to squeeze a little breath work and meditation before bedtime. I learned that it is important to manage the excitement of the moment with the discipline of the practice. Always going back to balance.

I hope you also had a day of learning, practicing and healing.

See you tomorrow for Day 7!

Bruno Treves

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