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Foundation Training, Our Solution to Chronic Pain

In this short video, Dr. Eric Goodman shares his views on how most people in the United States is responding to pain and injury.

Dr. Goodman thinks that the modern approach to handling chronic repetitive movement breakdown patterns is wrong. He believes that the pain that arises from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome should not be alleviated by taking pain medicine. Instead, he suggests that we use exercises and training, to learn new and better postures and movement patterns that will build us up, instead of breaking us down.

Dr. Eric Goodman disagrees with the approach of filling up patient’s bodies with chemicals that bring negative side effects, just to mitigate the pain signal that is letting your brain know what is happening to your body.

He continues to explain that the best approach is not to respond to herniations with spinal surgery, but instead, to restore proper functional movement by strengthening the lower back muscles and other muscles of the posterior chain.

Dr. Goodman believes that most people are becoming victims of their symptoms, without understanding the disease. According to him, there are simple movement breakdown patterns that can be fixed, with exercises and programs such as those in Foundation Training.

He concludes by explaining that it is our responsibility to fix our breakdown patterns. He hopes that you will take advantage of the control you have over your life.

Foundation Training can help you do this, by teaching you proper posture and proper movement patterns that will strengthen your posterior chain, and improve your quality of life. Practicing a few Foundation Training exercises every day will allow your body to learn a new way of sitting, standing and moving that will make you stronger and able to find more pain relief and a better performance in everything you do.

If you want to learn more about it, I recommend you read these Foundation Training Reviews and take a look at Dr. Eric Goodman's exercises, book, videos, DVD set and certification program. You can also visit my Foundation Training page, where you will find information about my group and private classes in Boulder Colorado, as well as the classes I offer online.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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